We offer 3 workshops to move you further along the path of restoring your solidarity.​

Sending the right signal

Half-Day Anti-Racism Workshop

Develop the tools to have a responsible conversation about race.

  • Develop new ways of communicating that create a culture of solidarity.
  • Move beyond the impact of our socialization and implicit racial bias.
  • Understand how history has created the racial inequities we see today.
Sending The Right Signal

Enterrupting Racism

2-Day Unparalleled Anti-Racism Workshop

Feel, heal, and grow to confront the ugliness and the opportunities of racism.

  • Connect with your power and build authentic Human Solidarity
  • Take responsibility for the inequitable outcomes we see
  • Develop a new understanding of why Racism exists
Enterrupting Racism

The Gatekeepers Academy

2-Day Signature Leadership Workshop

Discover a more powerful and effective way to organize for lasting social change.

  • Become an unstoppable leader
  • Liberate yourself from your Ego
  • Use your creativity and genius to build solutions

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