signature Offerings

Each of our workshops is designed to teach you one of our four Signature Offering. Each of our offerings focuses on a different aspect of our philosophy. However, they will each teach you how to move beyond your Ego and into your Authentic Power. 

1) The Gatekeepers Academy

  • Shift into a new paradigm of leadership with more resourcefulness and creativity
  • Discover how Ego robs you of your sense of freedom
  • Become more responsible and accountable to those you lead

2) Power of Eunoia

  • Re-energize your workforce
  • Give employees a resurgence of positive thinking
  • Cultivate a focus on creating and cooperation
  • Create a genuine desire to succeed and be happy

3) Sending the Right Signal

  • Explore the development of unconscious and unintentional racial bias within yourself
  • Delve into the history of race and racism
  • Develop solution-based next steps to carry into your day-to-day life

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