What Does It Mean To Be Empowered?

To be empowered means to give yourself back the power of your natural self. Empowerment is not something that can be given from someone else. Our power is fully contained within ourselves and it is our job to accept full responsibility for it.

Take responsibility for your power

empowerment - take responsibility for yourself

I want to help you understand that you don't need permission to exercise the power that you already have. But you need to accept responsibility for it.

Our natural selves are our power. Yet, we are socialized by so many things that have been designed to distract us. What disempowerment actually comes from is being distracted from ourselves.

The fact is we’re with ourselves 24 hours a day yet so many of us don't truly know who we are, and why we're here. This is an indication that we've been distracted from ourselves. If we want to regain our power we must refocuses ourselves ON ourselves.

Nobody can empower you, but you

empower yourself

Being empowered means you're no longer distracted from yourself. You're highly self-aware. You're learning to utilize all of your gifts and your abilities to benefit yourself first, and then others second.

Specifically, in that order. Because to be empowered means to be in a state where you're able to fulfill the desires of your own heart.

When we talk about disempowerment we say that it comes from external sources - that there's an external process of disempowerment. But there's a false notion that we can also be empowered from external sources.

The reality is that the only way we really lose our power (become disempowered) is if we are distracted from it or we move away from it in our own thinking. In other words, we see ourselves as not good enough. We see ourselves as not being worthy.

We are each designed and created to be unique, one-of-a-kind beings. In being one-of-a-kind, we have our own unique the natural expression that comes with that one-of-a-kindness. 

When we start second guessing our natural expression, or we take our eyes off of our natural expression to focus on someone else's, we become disempowered, because someone else can't drive you. 

You can't drive my life the same way you drive yours. Neither can you drive your life the way I drive mine. We are designed to do something different.

But if I'm watching you all the time and not paying attention to my own natural propensity and my own natural strengths, then I won't learn how to use the abilities I possess naturally within myself.

Nobody can disempower you, but you, and therefore nobody can empower you, but you.

What it means to be empowered is finding our own power to spite external attempts at disempowerment through race, identity, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, age, or anything else. 

The only way that you can be disempowered is if you start to internalize those things about yourself. Therefore, to be empowered, you have to start to internalize exactly who you are.

What is the difference between empowerment and disempowerment?

empowerment vs disempowerment

When we talk about disempowered, and being empowered, we're talking about the difference between rejection and redirection. 

If a stranger walks up and says something derogatory to us, we probably wouldn't even get upset because we know that they don't know us. And we're not trying to gain acceptance from them. 

But if it's someone that we want approval from says something derogatory to us, we take it as rejection. Right?

That's being disempowered. Because we have shifted authority over to someone else to determine for us whether or not we're good enough. Right when that happens, it puts us in a position of disempowerment. 

When we are empowered we are not turning over our power to someone else and we are beholding of our own power. When someone that we want to be accepted by says something derogatory we take it as redirection, not as rejection. 

In other words, we take it as being told "I'm not the right one for you, or you're not the right one for me, thank you for not wasting my time". 

It creates a different state of mind in which we operate from when we are in our power. 

Think of empowered as another word of saying, I'm in my power. I'm not being moved by anything when they're outside of me to let go of my power. 

This world figured out a long time ago, the best way to stop people from being as powerful as they can be is to get people to stop themselves. The only way to get people to stop themselves is to get people to doubt the very essence of their power, which is their natural expression. 

The minute you start trying to be like someone else, you are out of your power. That's disempowerment. Empowerment is being in your power. Being in harmony or in alignment with your natural expression. You are not trying to be anyone else, but you.

How do we become disempowered

what does it mean to be disempowered

The world programs us to make us want to hear what other people think about us, and want to know how other people see us. When we do that, without even realizing consciously, we turn over authority to someone else. 

We are essentially saying, tell me who I am, tell me what my worth is, tell me if I matter. And when someone tells you that you don't matter or someone tells you that you're not worth very much then you live into that identity.

But we open ourselves up to it because of the socialization that we receive as children. 

To be empowered means we have to take back the authority we unconsciously gave away. From the ages of zero to seven we are in a hyper state of learning. We just were born into this world and the world doesn't stop to let us catch up. So we have to learn at a rapid rate of speed. 

And during that time we are hardly conscious at all. So many programs, so many decisions, so many narratives, so many ways of looking at things are being downloaded into our subconscious mind without us being conscious of it. 

By the time we wake up into consciousness around six or seven years old our base program for our life has already been written. And in that base program, we find this constant narrative: "you are not worthy, you are not good enough. You need to do something to become good enough." 

We start becoming the butterfly when we wake up to the fact that we believe that we are not good enough, we're not pretty enough, or we're not smart enough. 


What does an empowered world look like?

human solidarity

In an empowered world, you have a world where people are not suffering, you have a world where you can sleep at night, you have a world where people are healthy, you have a world where people are happy, and people are growing, and we are experiencing the totality of what life can offer. 

If we are all empowered then we are all one with our natural expression. We are no longer altering ourselves for anyone. We don't care what others acquire, whether it be a car, house, or a business. It's not the material thing that makes us happy. It is the exercising of our natural expression to achieve that goal that makes us happy. 

We've constructed in our minds a story that we tell ourselves over and over again that says there are certain people that don't deserve to have it good and that's allowed us to cause all sorts of harm to each other.

But the reality is, we have to go back to what it was in the garden before we were taught that everybody doesn't deserve to have it good and that there's something we have to do in order to qualify to be who we already are. 

My teacher told me a long time ago, that the root problem in the world is that we have socially constructed a rule that says that everybody doesn't deserve to have it good. 

As long as that idea is socially constructed into ours minds we're gonna have a problem. In order for us all to live well, we have to purge out of our mind this idea that there are some people that deserve to have it better than others. 

Empowerment comes from within

empowerment comes from within

Being empowered is not an external process. It's a process of coming home to who you already are. And understanding that even as a child you have always had everything that you've needed to be happy, creative, joyful, and productive. Everything that you've always wanted to be in your life, you've had it the whole time. 

Being empowered means returning home to who we really are, not following a yellow brick road to an imaginary land where we think we need something outside of us in order to validate ourselves.

I think of life as a marketplace. And I think of every person that comes into this world as having their own product to bring to the marketplace. 

The only way we can deliver on that product, though, is if we accept our own and be ourselves. The minute we start altering ourselves, suppressing ourselves, holding ourselves back, trying to be more like someone else, we forfeit the product that we came into the marketplace to deliver. 

We all have something to trade, and the whole entire universe is built on that trading system. We say we live in a supply and demand universe, but it's not. It's not the whole story. We live in the supply, demand, and deliver universe. 

There's an onus on each of us to deliver what our unique, one-of-a-kind self was designed to bring into the world, in this marketplace. Yet, most of us have given up our products.

So we wonder, why are we not doing so well? Why are we not happy? Why don't we feel fulfilled? 

Its because you've given up on your product, and guess what your product is? It's your natural expression. That is the key to your power.

And you're the only one that can sell it. It's unique to every one of us and can’t be emulated and can’t be copied.

You already have everything you need to be powerful

You are powerful

The world has convinced us that we will not be successful, we will not be beautiful. Until we are someone else. So we change our hair, our lips, our hips, you know, we change everything. We feel like we cannot be validated unless we're somebody else.

How could we not be like the caterpillar crawling on the ground struggling within ourselves, going from frustration to unhappiness to depression, and disappointment. We are in denial of who we are and declaring that our beauty, majesty, and royalty is not in us but outside of us.

It's time to turn back around and go back to the natural you. Back to the you that's so beautiful that when you finally see yourself are you going to do is break down in tears of joy because you're going to finally see for the first time in your life, the design that God had in mind when he looked into your eyes.

We're the ones that get to judge who we are and get to define who we are. The sooner that we realize that, the better we're going to be, and the better this world is going to be too.

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