The Path To Soul-Happiness

SoulJanuary 20, 2020 Mahdi Davenport

path to soul happiness

Picture yourself confidently gliding across the floor as you walk...

You’re looking people right into their eyes with absolutely no doubt or fear in you. Everyone can see you have an air of certainty about yourself. The phrase, "I got this" is written all over your face.

Now listen to yourself!

You're expressing what you genuinely want to communicate without any hesitation in your voice.

You don't hold anything back, and what's even more impressive is the fact that nothing you say is coming out of you like an erupting volcano.

You're relaxed and calm. It feels like you're in the zone, and everything is effortlessly happening for you.

You're not putting up any opposition to yourself.

This is what it feels, looks, and sounds like to be in a state of Soul-Happiness.

Satisfying Soul is your focus

path to soul happiness

Now, would you like to discover how to manifest Soul-Happiness within yourself? 

There are two fundamental paths in life. There is one that leads to Soul-Happiness, and then there's the one that leads to Ego-Madness.

The feeling of hopelessness and emptiness is a by-product of Ego-Madness, and believe it or not, Ego-madness only exists to serve as a signal.

Ego's job is to let us know when we're off course.

The unhappiness in our lives causes us to examine where we are and what we're doing. It's telling us that we're off-balance, and we don't know it.

That is the only reason why such things as depression and sorrow exist. 

Despair works much like the warning lights on the dashboard of your automobile.

They don't come on to punish you or beat you down; instead, they are there only to act as a secondary guide, a detour sign.

They're saying to you, "There's something you've been ignoring that you need to turn your attention to immediately."

These warning signs are working in your favor, even in those moments when it seems like they're not. 

Trust the universe!​​​​

ego rich and soul poor universe

Life, in its very essence, never works against itself. There is something built into the nature of life that always wants you to win.

The problem is that you haven't uncovered it yet; nevertheless, it is still there working in your favor.

We wouldn't have made it this far if life worked against itself. It's not life that works against life.

It's the way our Ego influences us to see and process our lives that causes our thoughts to oppose the desire of our lives without us even realizing it.  

When we're off course, we ignore the signs.

We're so distracted from the original path (our authentic self) that we can't see, hear or feel the negative impact the accumulative effect of our being off course is having on our lives.

Usually, it's not until life gives us that final wake-up call that we quicken from our deep sleep of unconsciousness.

Sometimes the messages are delivered to us in the form of the total loss of our health, companionship, or career crash.

These are all alarm clocks trying their best to wake us up from our deep sleep.

I hate to be dichotomous (either, or logic), yet it's true.

There is only the original path, the one we all signed up to take, and then there is there the illusionary route.

It's the path we embark upon as a result of trying to fit in, please other people or impress them.

The road to Ego-Madness lies here.  

We each must realize that whoever we are attempting to be for other people is not who we are.

And when we are not who we are, we are nobody

The universe has no credentials on who you're pretending to be. There is no way to authenticate your identity.

In Ego-madness, our state of “nobodiness” compels us to want to prove to other people that we are somebody.

Intuitively we know we are somebody, yet we are unable to remember why we're somebody as long as we're on the wrong path.

Again, this is not to punish you; instead, it seeks to call you back to the original path.  

Perhaps the sentiment of the original path was expressed best by Ralph Waldo Emerson when he said this; "To be yourself in a world that's constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."

I agree.  

There is only the original path

path to soul happiness path

It's unfortunate that for some, we don't wake up until we hear the doctor say. "I'm sorry, but you only have a few months to live."

For others, it's feeling our significant other moving away from us emotionally when they say to us, "I love you, but I can't take this anymore. I'm leaving you!"

And finally, for others, the wake-up call comes when the company we've been working with for years announces to us, "We're sorry, but we're going to have to let you go. It's time for us to take a different course." 

For some reason, it takes this to shake us, to force us to come clean with ourselves about our unhappiness.

It's then we start to see all the signs we missed, all the conversations we weren't present to, and all the magical moments we took for granted.

Soul-happiness waits for us, and yet we are unable to enter the doors of paradise until we come clean with ourselves.

Soul Happiness is a state we can exist in only after we have returned to our original state of nakedness.

The question is, how naked can you stand to get and for how long can you stay there.

Naked and nude aren't the same thing. Nude is not having any physical clothing on. Nakedness is not having anything to hide or be ashamed of about yourself.

Transparency is liberation and power.

It's an explosion of miracles, mercy, and magic all at one time. It's is being in a state of vulnerability. 

It's no longer hiding the truth from yourself. Transparency is the evidence we offer up as proof that we've been doing the work of spiritual consciousness.

As long as we're naked, our Ego has nothing to hold onto

ego rich and soul poor free

Spiritual consciousness is not a religion, nor is it religious. Spiritual awareness is all about the condition of your relationship with yourself.

Until you are in the right standing with yourself, you are unable to put yourself in proper context with anyone else. It is this sacred relationship that rests at the center of all those other relationships in your life.

You are the common denominator. The reason all the other relationships exist. All the people in your life are, on some level, mirroring back to you some aspect of yourself.

You are the star of the show.

The mirroring effect is not happening to hurt, embarrass, or punish you. It's happening to help get you back on the right track.  

Be honest!

Aren't you tired of always having to lose to win?

Why do you need tragedy to motivate you?

Aren't you tired of having to wait until you've lost everything or everyone before you learn to appreciate what you have?

Do you honestly believe the universe designed life to be this way?

Wouldn't it be magical to be able to solve the problems in our lives in real-time?

More importantly, how fantastic would it be to enjoy every moment of our lives rather than only now and then?

Picture yourself being able to stop yourself from losing before you lose. 

What are we missing here? 

We know how to speak the language of consciousness, yet what we practice doesn't align with the language we speak.

We are yet to integrate our social mindfulness with our spiritual awareness.

We are advanced in our technical knowledge of other people's ways of being, yet we are grossly incompetent and cowardly when it comes to facing up to our inner demons.

We want to change other people, yet we have not changed.

Somewhere in our cognitive dissonance, we believe we can transform systems and institutions even though we haven't figured out how to transform ourselves.

We are yet to present ourselves naked before the mirror.

It's time we confront our shadows

the loop child

Nakedness is the ticket to Soul-Happiness. Are you ready to get naked?

Where are you now?

Do you see what you need to see?

Are you turning and facing the conversations that you once avoided out of fear?

Are you paying attention to the negative emotions you keep experiencing that you haven't been able to escape?

They are some of your most significant helpers.   

Again, where are you now?

Announce it to yourself. Allow yourself to hear you say it aloud. "I'm lost!"

Today is the day you stop lying to yourself. Today is the day you start to learn through gain rather than from loss.

The journey to Soul-Happiness doesn't just begin with you knowing you want to live in a state of Soul-Happiness.

It starts with you being honest with yourself about where you are right now.

This is the first step to getting naked.

Until you know where you are and are unashamed to reveal it to others, you cannot make it to where you want to be.

It's time to sober up and come out of denial 

Take a good cold look at the results you've been producing in your life and your work.  

Results never lie. They have no reason to lie.

If you're not experiencing Soul-Happiness, it's because you're all caught up in Ego-Madness.

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