Reclaim your brilliance and creative genius by uncovering the greatest secret to your disempowerment... EGO

The Ego Problem is the root of the insanity we're all experiencing in the world today.

This book offers real-life solutions to the suffering that so many people in our world are experiencing, whether they are rich or poor, black or white. It provides a pathway out of the raging storm of madness and into the bright light of joy and compassion, unleashing your infinite potential and creating a new world of peace and cooperation. It’s a practical pathway forward for all of us.

"This book is essential because it will empower you to recognize
and address the ghost that has haunted your mind for years."

This is for you if...

You who work with people in the field of transformation. You're out there on the frontlines, educating, coaching, mentoring, parenting, pastoring, and influencing people to outgrow what they know and yet you still witness them choosing what’s wrong for themselves just about every time. You want to help them, but don’t quite know how.
After reading this book, you will.

  • You're a leader with a great desire to see people transform, no matter their background.
  • You've been fighting and focusing on changing other people yet constantly distracted from your own reality.
  • You suffer from depression, addiction, financial disaster, and self-destructive thoughts and behaviors.
  • You're ready to challenge your perspective, be vulnerable, get it wrong, or make mistakes.

This book will give you the tools to outgrow everything disempowering
you today.

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The 3 Stages of Ego

Break down the process of how your Ego takes shape in your life using 3 simple stages.

How to create a paradigm shift in yourself

Making your Ego work for you and what you desire is a true paradigm shift in your relationship with yourself.

The answer to why you're not on your own side

Are you critical of yourself? Do you struggle to accept yourself as you are? Do you often make choices that don't align with what you really want? Learn why.

How you can create Your own Ego

You have the power to engineer your Ego to achieve what you want to achieve. Learn the secret to starting this process.

Identify Your Assigned Ego?

Your Assigned Ego can dictate so much of your relationship with yourself and the world. Learn to identify it and take back it's power over you.

The purpose of the Ego

Why do we actually have an Ego? Do we want to get rid of it altogether? Or is it something that can be used in our favor? Find out now.

The Ego vs the Soul

The Soul and the Ego both serve essential roles in our relationship with ourselves. Learn the difference between the two.

Become one with your inner-Guru

Trusting and listening to your Inner-Guru will keep you true to yourself and what you really want. Learn to stop distrusting your Inner-Guru.

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The Ego is the number one reason we don't find fulfillment in our lives and wallow in dis-empowerment today. Learn to take back control of your Ego, be 100% on your own side, and create a better relationship with yourself.

WHY IS THE Little Book of Ego So Important?

This book is essential because it will empower you to recognize and address the ghost that has haunted your mind for years. That’s how your Assigned-Ego has occurred to you – as an invisible entity operating and influencing your choices and decisions with impunity. That said, this conversation holds the key to real spiritual power. Spiritual power is healing power.

Once you’re able to see the ghost inside your mind for yourself, everything about your life will change. You’ll stop arguing, being critical, and finding fault with yourself. You won’t feel like you must hide who you are. You’ll feel empowered to come out of the closet that you created for yourself to hide in. Yes, the closet you’re hiding in was your creation and you’ll have to own up to it to liberate your Soul-Self from it.

Meet Your Authors

berwick mahdi davenport

Berwick "M" Mahdi Davenport

"Berwick Mahdi Davenport, a.k.a. “M,” is a social justice, anti-racist facilitator with more than 30 years of experience. Mahdi is a pioneer in the field of Life Coaching. He is a coach who coaches coaches, facilitating and mentoring thousands of leaders from all over the globe."

CEO, Co Founder of Soul Focused Group

Dustin Washington

"Dustin is the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of The Soul Focused Group. Dustin has over 25 years of powerful experience as a Racial Equity educator and social change leader. His work is grounded in the integration of social justice consciousness and spiritual consciousness."

COO, Co Founder of Soul Focused Group

The Blueprint for Setting Your Mind Free

We didn’t write this book to speak to the average person. We wrote it to speak to leaders, influencers, and organizers – extraordinary people commissioned by their Guru to make their Soul’s-Sacred-Contribution.

As leaders uncover the secret to freeing their minds, so shall those who follow them be empowered to achieve the same mental liberation


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