The Ego Reduction Formula

Phase III

Learn to reduce your Ego and reclaim your power. 

Ego plays a huge role in keeping racism alive, and unless we discover how to reduce the size of the ego, we will unconsciously continue to support racism.

We all have an ego- a socialized propensity within our mind to become something for other people. In the attempt to prove ourselves, we diminish our authentic power, alter our natural expression, and become disempowered.

And, when we are disempowered, we are ineffective.

Phase III will assist in reclaiming that power. Participants will receive the ego reduction formula to reduce the ego's negative impact on relationships, with others and ourselves.

This experience will nurture participants in creating a healthier workplace culture that supports individuals and teams to be more effective and dynamic. 

Learning will focus on:

  • Defining the Ego and recognizing it's power
  • Strategies to diminish the Ego
  • Understand the difference between performative and natural expression
  • Techniques for allowing and being in flow with one's natural expression

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The Ego Reduction Formula will help all members of your organization become more empowered to make lasting change. Want to learn more? Schedule a consultation.

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