Sending the Right Signal

the responsible way to have a conversation about race and racism

Let’s face it, there are some conversations that intimidate us…

The birds and the bee’s, the breaking up conversation, the health-crisis conversation, and the most dreaded conversation of them all, the racism conversation.

We know we need to have it, but we’re afraid too. 

We’ve been socialized to believe we can’t have the conversation without it blowing up in our faces.

What if there was a way to have the conversation without making people feel ashamed or guilty?

More importantly, what if people actually walked away from the conversation feeling motivated and inspired to make the workplace a more welcoming environment for everyone?

Sending the Right Signal is an experience informed workshop tailored for organization’s and businesses with time restraints who are ready to graduate to the next level in their equity and inclusion work. 

Offering this workshop to your employees helps to Send the Right Signal. It says: you are ready to get serious about racism and social inequities.

Sending the Right Signal is the most effective way to talk about issues relating to race and racism without offending anyone.

The Soul Focus Group have mastered the skill.

After over a quarter of a century facilitating the most challenging conversation in the country, we’ve developed the wisdom and insights to skillfully facilitate this conversation in a way that affirms people’s humanity rather than put them on the defense.

This is how organizations can begin to address unintentional biases in the workplace, as a means of harm reduction strategy and creating greater equity.

We believe in the inherent wisdom in every human being and our approach seeks to draw on this wisdom, so people feel comfortable with asking questions and making mistakes.

Our process is facilitated by highly skilled human performance specialists, with over a quarter of a century of experience facilitating difficult conversations on unconscious and unintentional racial bias as well as the impact of systemic racism.

Sending the Right Signal focuses on three primary conversations.

The 1st Conversation: Building A Strong Relational Covenant
Setting the ground rules for respectful supportive communication and connection. 

The 2nd Conversation: Opening our eyes to our socialization
Uncovering our racial blind spots... Seeing what we don’t see, yet need to see.

The 3rd Conversation: Understanding why racial inequities exist
The history of these inequities and how they're still influencing us today.

What’s in it for your business? 

  • Send a socially responsible signal to diverse populations at work and in the marketplace
  • Reduce the number of micro-aggressions unfolding in the workplace
  • Reduce the threat of unintentional harm and litigation
  • Cultivate a more socially conscious and responsible environment
  • Be better equipped to retain people of color

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