sending the right signal

Phase I

Develop the tools to have a responsible conversation about race. 

Discussing racism can feel uncomfortable. To be effective, we need to discuss race without shame or guilt.

Sending the Right Signal is designed to facilitate a responsible conversation about race that affirms our humanity, broadens our spiritual and social consciousness, and inspires us to make the world more equitable for all.

Our 3-hour workshop provides businesses and organizations foundational knowledge of unconscious racial bias, the historical construction of racism, and its impact on our lives today. The experience is spread across three conversations:

  • The 1st Conversation:

Establish ground rules for respectful communication and connection.

  • The 2nd Conversation:

Build an awareness of our socialization, uncover racial blindspots, and explore previously unknown biases.

  • The 3rd Conversation:

Understand why racism exists, its history, and how it continues to affect the human family.

Free Consultation

Sending the Right Signal helps organizations begin the journey to building racial equity within the workplace. Want to learn more? Schedule a consultation.

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