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We offer a wide array of programs, giving you the freedom to choose how you start your journey. 

From in-person or virtual workshops to leadership consultation to online courses, we've created an expansive curriculum that excludes no one. 

Group Workshops

These facilitator-led group discussions create open and productive dialogues that work toward individual and collective growth. We offer both in-person and virtual experiences.

Phase 1: Sending The Right Signal

Sending the Right Signal encourages teams and organizations to discuss race in a way that affirms our humanity, broadens our self-awareness and social consciousness, and inspires us to make the world more equitable for all. 

Phase 2: Healing From Racism

Racism is mentally and emotionally disempowering. We have all received toxic messages about our racial identity which hinder our ability to truly be ourselves. 

Phase 3: Cultural Consciousness Integration

Cultural Consciousness Integration is the only real way to make people feel like they’re welcomed, included and that they belong. When people feel like their contributions matter, they’re able to produce, create and contribute at their highest level.

Healing the Breach 

Healing the Breach is a groundbreaking and cutting-edge workshop designed to heal the disconnect and distrust between communities of color and law enforcement.

Creating Human Solidarity

Creating Human Solidarity is for leaders seeking to move to the next level in DEI work. Our process will provide you and your organization with the tools, skills, and strategies to create the cultural shift needed to undo the division caused by racism.

Leadership Consulting & Coaching

Our leadership coaching and consulting process helps leaders integrate social consciousness into their natural thought process, and empowers them to recognize egocentric patterns. As leaders learn to identify their own Ego, they simultaneously discover how to reduce its influence on their choices and decisions.

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Online Courses

Take the first step towards ending racism and reclaiming human solidarity by earning your Racial Equity Certificate in this comprehensive 6+ hour course, brought to you in partnership with Workforce180. Learn what racism is, how racism impacts you, and how racism impacts the systems around you that we work and live in.

Living As Part of the Solution

Living as Part of the Solution (LAPOTS) is a complimentary self-directed eBook course for people who know that being solution-focused is more effective than being problem-focused. From this course you will discover what it takes to live your life as a part of the solution, rather than as part of the problem. You will come to understand what being 100% on your own side truly means.

The Problem with History

The Problem with History is a course that explores how history, when taught from a linear perspective, serves to divide us rather than foster connection and solidarity. As a result of participating in this course you will begin to see and think about history from a relationship-first perspective, empowering you to see and understand history in ways you’ve never imagined before.

Racial Equity Certification

Take the first step towards ending racism and reclaiming human solidarity by earning your Racial Equity Certificate in this comprehensive 6+ hour course, brought to you in partnership with Workforce180. Learn what racism is, how racism impacts you, and how racism impacts the systems around you that we work and live in.

Stand Up to the Fire of Fear

Standing Up to the Fire of Fear is a course about moving beyond the paralysis of fear to reclaim the courage to live in our fullest power. From this course you will gain practical tools and strategies for standing up to the fire of your fears to outgrow and repurpose your fears, transforming them from roadblocks to opportunities for unlimited possibilities.

A New Perspective on History

New Perspective on History: The history of racism in our nation still lives today in our collective groundwater. This history often takes us to oppressive outcomes we no longer wish to experience as a human family. Most of us have experienced history used as a weapon, but we’ve come to believe history can and ought to be used as a tool of healing and collective transformation.

This cutting-edge online course will support you and your organization in developing a new perspective on how moments in our country’s history relating to racism live on today in our individual and collective groundwater. The new perspective gained in participating in our course will support you in seeing and using history as a vibrant tool for making powerful social change.


Discover how our dynamic team of speakers can inspire your audience with an energetic, transformational and compelling keynote.

Ego Reduction

The Ego Reduction is dedicated to defining the Ego, and examining how it affects our internal messaging, communication, and our relationships with those around us. This keynote helps us to understand how Ego disempowers us all, and provides an alternative path toward self-solidarity and power.

Powering Up Your Communication

Powering Up Your Communication explores how inauthentic, Ego-driven communication has limited our ability to confront racism in a meaningful way. This keynote is an open and non-judgmental discussion that confronts our fear of true engagement, and teaches new strategies for real connection.

Liberation and Leadership

Liberation and Leadership is a dynamic conversational keynote that focuses on liberating leaders from their own unconscious disempowerment. Liberation and Leadership the keynote opens leaders’ eyes to what has often become a blind spot to them, limiting the bandwidth of their leadership. It empowers them with the insights and technology to distinguish their own disempowering tendencies, habits, and patterns, so they can set themselves free from them.

A New Man

A New Man is an interactive, sincere and thought-provoking experience for men of all ages and races designed to examine and grow beyond the toxic messaging men have downloaded into our subconscious programming.

Through A New Man you will develop a new self-awareness around the cost of toxic masculinity to you as a man, and the cost tp all the relationships in your life. Participants will gain new language, skills, and strategies to begin the journey into healthy and vibrant masculinity.

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Join us for standalone sessions that spark targeted conversations and bring new perspectives to the table.
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March 12 - 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

The Power Summit

The Ego Summit is a series of Soul-searching conversations focusing on reducing the negative impact of the Ego in your life, relationships, and your work. Our process is uniquely designed to immediately empower you to bring to life the power of your authentic self.
Through these conversations you will gain an understanding of what the Ego is, how it functions and how to reduce its influence on your day-to-day choices, decisions, and actions. This is an opportunity for you to reclaim your life back from your Ego.

March 12 - 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Strength For The Struggle

Strength for the Struggle is a virtual support system for people in the DEI field working to create a more equitable workplace and society that takes place every first Tuesday of the month at 3pm eastern time. At Strength for the Struggle, you experience people who genuinely care about you. You leave feeling valued, listened to and esteemed. We recharge your batteries, giving you the boost, you need to face the world. 

March 12 - 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM