Perspective: The War In Ukraine

Ego, Social Consciousness, Spiritual Consciousness, SubconsciousMarch 24, 2022 Martin Friedman

At the Soul Focused Group, we believe that what you see is what you get. Our perspective on how we see and experience life is acutely shaped by how we were socialized and programmed at an early age.

We all have been socialized by our families, the education system, organized religion, and, maybe most profoundly, by all forms of media. The nature of the programming and the messages we have received are quite often in profound opposition to how we consciously want to express ourselves in life.

If you grew up consuming media in this American society, you were fed an unyielding diet of the glorification of war and violence, the inflated worth of white people, and the diminished value of people of color. None of us were immune to these messages.

The results of all of this socialization and conditioning now reside in our individual subconscious minds and our collective unconscious mind. Rarely do we wrestle with the impact of this socialization.

As the government of Russia wages a ruthless war against the people of Ukraine, most Americans are rightfully consciously outraged. Each night on the television news and in the news feeds on our phones, we are shown the callous and uncivilized brutality being waged upon civilians and soldiers in Ukraine.

The human suffering in Ukraine and the foul energy of war ought to cause each of us to feel deep sadness in our hearts for the collective spiritual state of the human family.

However, this Vladimir Putin initiated war isn’t the only war or suffering in the world. Humans are suffering from Ukraine to Afghanistan and from Sudan to North Philadelphia.

Our media doesn’t tell so many stories that need to be told. We must ask why.

As you watch the attached video, I would ask you ponder the following questions:

  • Why don’t we all know how our Brothers and Sisters are suffering in Afghanistan and other places around the world?
  • What forces in our society benefit from us not knowing the details of this suffering?
  • How does our being mentally and emotionally detached from this unreported suffering harm us?
  • What messages have I received over the course of my life, both overtly and covertly that causes me to possibly value one group of the human family over another?
  • What can I create with my power to build greater Human solidarity?

I know this short clip will move you as it moved me:

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