Leadership Coaching

Working with leaders to reduce the size of their ego footprint

The Soul Focus Group offers leadership coaching service to leaders, managers, senior contributors and high-potential employees. This includes working both one-on-one and with groups. 

Nothing interferes with a leader’s ability to cultivate and sustain healthy, viable and effective relationships more than the negative side effects caused by Ego. Ego prevents the integration of social and spiritual consciousness from occurring.

Our leadership coaching process helps leaders to integrate their
consciousness and empowers leaders with the skills, competencies and technology to see their ego and thus, choose differently, before it does damage to their relationships.

As leaders learn to see their ego, they simultaneously discover how to reduce its influence on their choices and decisions.

As a result of participating in our Leadership Coaching service you will walk away feeling:

  1. 1
    A greater sense of clarity and purpose in your personal and professional lives
  2. 2
    More confidence in your undiluted natural expression
  3. 3
    A new commitment to being solution oriented
  4. 4
    The capacity to maximize your creativity
  5. 5
    A renewed sense of inner power
  6. 6
    The ability to sustain and build healthy relationships

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