This 3-Part Guide uses the science of your mind to teach
you how to Create Healthy Habits that last a lifetime, 
without beating your head against a wall.

healing toxic groundwater

Our subconscious habits cause us to made decisions that don't align with what we really want.

If we are serious about achieving what we SAY we want to achieve, then we have to examine and TRANSfORM the negative beliefs, patterns, and tendencies that are holding us back. Until we do, we'll keep producing the same outcomes that lead us nowhere.

"If the programs we have created are in our subconscious are toxic then we need to change them if we want to see change in our

This is for you if...

  • You've ever made a New Years Resolution... but gave up on it after a couple weeks.
  • You've tried to eat healthier but keeping catching yourself buying junk food or eating out.
  • You find yourself in unhappy relationships (romantic or social) with the same types of people, over and over.
  • You've beaten your head against the wall trying to improve yourself but still haven't gotten anywhere.
  • You've ever felt helpless, powerless, or like the outcomes in your life weren't in your control.

This 3-Step Guide will help you "level-up" to your most powerful self.

Here are just the beginning of what you'll learn :

The difference between your Conscious and Subconscious mind.

This difference is the key to understanding why we make the choices we make.

Why you keep repeating negative habits.

Learn the reason it's so difficult for most of us to break bad habits or form healthy ones.

A 3 Step Process to build new habits.

This process will make building new habits easier, more repeatable, and more sustainable than every before.

A tool for self examination of your unhealthy habits.

Identify where and why your unhealthy habits formed in order to create an optimal environment for healthier ones.

How to identify your negative habits, that you don't even recognize.

There are many choices and habits we make every day that we aren't even aware of. Learn to identify those hard to see choices.

2 Complete Journals and Self Reflection Prompts to guide you on your journey.

These journals will keep you focused and on track on your journey to building better habits.

Where all your habits (positive and negative) come from.

Learn the process the brain uses to build new habits. This understanding will give you control over this process and the ability to create the habits you want.

How and why negative habits show up in groups collectively.

We often can see familiar habits in those around us - family, friends, or society as a whole. Discover how we pick up these habits collectively and how to break that cycle.

Resources to continue learning beyond this guide.

This book is just the starting place. We'll give you resources to dive deeper into the process of becoming your most powerful self.

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Why Is Healing Toxic Groundwater So Important?

The number one barrier to making meaningful change in our lives is our negative subconscious programming, i.e. our toxic groundwater. The toxic messages in our groundwater override our well-meaning conscious intent.

We fail to change the outcomes of our lives because we make those changes at the conscious or surface level. And these changes aren't built to last.

Once you begin to recognize which of your beliefs are serving to empower you or disempower you, you can decide which beliefs to reprogram so that your mind begins to work for you, not against you.

berwick mahdi davenport

Berwick "M" Mahdi Davenport

"Berwick Mahdi Davenport, a.k.a. “M,” is a social justice, anti-racist facilitator with more than 30 years of experience. Mahdi is a pioneer in the field of Life Coaching. He is a coach who coaches coaches, facilitating and mentoring thousands of leaders from all over the globe."

CEO, Co Founder of Soul Focused Group

Dustin Washington

"Dustin is the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of The Soul Focused Group. Dustin has over 25 years of powerful experience as a Racial Equity educator and social change leader. His work is grounded in the integration of social justice consciousness and spiritual consciousness."

COO, Co Founder of Soul Focused Group

healing toxic groundwater

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healing toxic groundwater

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