Healing from racism

Phase II

Learn to heal from racism to become your most powerful self. 

For many generations, we have been focused on reporting on the problem of racism. Now is the time to begin to heal from racism.

Healing from racism is the next step in our collective journey towards creating a new society that works for everyone. Healing from racism will unleash our natural expression and the beauty and power of our beautiful thinking minds.

This groundbreaking and cutting-edge 3-hour workshop will support you and your organization moving out of individual and collective disempowerment and towards the power of self-solidarity and human-solidarity.

Our Phase 2 workshop will focus on three primary conversations:

  • The 1st Conversation:

Recognizing how unaddressed disempowerment stemming from racism is the fundamental barrier keeping us from creating the social change and racial equity we all seek.

  • The 2nd Conversation:

Analyzing what tactics and strategies no longer serve us and how we can move from fighting against racism to creating the new society we desire.

  • The 3rd Conversation:

Connecting to the power of your natural expression - which will serve to ignite your leadership and the creativity of your beautiful thinking mind.

Free Consultation

Healing From Racisms will help your organization heal from racism and build racial equity within the workplace. Want to learn more? Schedule a consultation.

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