The Gatekeepers Academy

Ignite the fire! Set the leader in you free!

Regardless of one’s age, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation there's a leader in every one of us, a voice wanting to be heard, a fire seeking to be lit and a Soul longing to make its intended contribution.

It’s time to uncover a more powerful and effective way to influence people than ever before. 

There is a better way to organize for lasting social change

Go ahead! Climb from underneath the mundane daily functions of a Gatekeeper, which often stifle our voices and disempowers the leader in the Gatekeeper. Set the leader free!

Being anchored in life's routines often results in leaders losing confidence in their ability to influence, contribute and support lasting social change. 

As a result, the status quo is unintentionally reinforced and our lives end up looking a lot like the movie, “Groundhog Day”.

Every day is the same day. It is then we find ourselves secretly asking: “What’s the point?" “What’s it all for anyway?”

When there is no answer for us to give to ourselves, the fire in our belly is extinguished.

We need to Ignite the Fire, create a new focus and a dynamic life altering perspective that brings our inherent greatness to the forefront. 

The Gatekeeper’s Academy is where leaders come to open the door to their beautiful thinking mind, making their power visible so they can Ignite the Fire and set the leader in themselves free. 

Discover how different your life can be when you create what you desire rather than fight to force someone else to do it for you.

After all these years of reacting and protesting what do you have to show for it?  

Isn’t it time you stop fighting and unlock what you know already works for you?

The foundation of the academy

As a result of over a half of a century of experience in coaching, facilitating anti-racism workshops, institutional and community organizing, we’ve been able to successfully identify distinct patterns in people’s behaviors. 

These patterns influence the way we make decisions. And our decisions determine the outcomes in our lives. 

We’ve isolated two primary psychological forces influencing the development of these patterns. One force is driven by an “Ego-Focus” and the other by a “Soul-Focus”.  A difference in focus corresponds to a difference in the way we process our lives and seek to satisfy our most fundamental needs. 

The world we presently live in is dominated by Ego-Focused Psychology. We seek to satisfy our needs through an unconscious drive to please, impress, prove or compete with other people. 

Ego-Focused psychology is the primary source of our suffering. Soul-Focused psychology is the source of our wellbeing.

The Soul-Focused Group was established to share the technology of Soul-Focused psychology with the world. We’ve reached a pivotal point in our human development; we’ve gone as far and as high as we can go using Ego-Focused psychology. To realize our next level of inherent greatness, we must immerse ourselves in the psychology of Soul.

The Gatekeeper’s Academy is for social change agents and organizations who are seeking to create a new world, a Soul Focused World. 

We invite you to come discover how to: 

  1. 1
    liberate yourself from your ego
  2. 2
    create transformative subconscious patterns
  3. 3
    give all of yourself to the moment
  4. 4
    reconnect with the source of your power
  5. 5
    strategically forecast yourself into a brighter future
  6. 6
    unlock the secret to your inherent greatness
  7. 7
    open the door to your beautiful thinking mind
  8. 8
    integrate spiritual and social consciousness
  9. 9
    stop fighting and start creating a new world right now

Free Consultation

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