Enterrupting Racism Now

Move beyond social consciousness, toward structural transformation.

To create systemic change, we first need to change the thoughts and actions of people who comprise the system.

Enterrupting Racism Now examines the role of racism in our subconscious programming and empowers you to take responsibility for the inequitable outcomes racism creates.

This 1-day workshop encourages you to confront subconscious racial programming and heal from racism’s ugliness in order to build a more equitable future.


  • Develop a common language around racism, which will empower them to work together more harmoniously around issues relating to inclusion, diversity and unconscious bias.
  • Gain a clear understanding of the nature of systemic racism and how it negatively impacts people of all races
  • Walk away feeling connected to their power, with an understanding of what, when, and why they’ve felt powerless to interrupt racism in the past.
  • Be introduced to the groundwater effect of racism both in their personal and professional lives and be able to interrupt it.

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Enterrupting Racism helps organizations build a pathway for structural transformation. Want to learn more? Schedule a consultation.

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