Ego Rich And Soul Poor (Part Two)

Ego, SoulOctober 20, 2019 Mahdi Davenport

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You Weren’t Born With An Ego

You weren’t born with an Ego. You developed one. Stop thinking that you were born with one.

Ego is artificial intelligence (AI). The fact that you weren’t born with an Ego doesn’t stop people from telling you that you need an Ego to survive in this world.

In all honesty, I agree with them.

You do need an Ego to survive. The operative phrase is “to survive.” Thank goodness, Soul wants to do more than hang in there and do its best to make it.

Soul wants to live to the fullest. To achieve this, Ego cannot be dominant in your life over Soul.

Ego is something the world installs into your thinking before you can remember how to think.

The Governor On The Engine

ego rich and soul poor engine

It’s the governor positioned on the engine of the bus; my grade school bus driver told me about when I was only eight years old.

I remember sitting on the front seat of the bus, fascinated by the fact that although she’d press the accelerator to the floor, the bus would not go any faster than fifty-five miles per hour.

I asked her why, and she responded. “The bus won’t travel any faster than fifty-five miles per hour because there’s a governor installed on the engine. It’s designed to prevent the horsepower of the engine from reaching any speed above fifty-five.”

She went on to tell me that it was a safety precaution. The governor was a control mechanism. It took away the option for bus drivers to drive faster. 

Ego works just like the governor positioned on the engine of the bus. The world installs it on your thinking to control you, to interfere with how you see and treat your horsepower.

Your Horsepower Is Your Natural Expression

The second you alter it to fit in, you lose the ability to go as fast as you can go. The more you change it, the slower you travel. You lose the ability to keep up with your true self.

The Matrix does not want you to move as quickly as you can go. After all, no one would be able to stop you.

To prevent this, it installs an Ego (a governor). Ego is your second mind. It distracts you from following your first mind.

Ego is the mind that tells you to do what the world tells you to do. Even when you’re rebelling against the world, you’re doing what the world wants you to do.

It already has a contingency plan to capitalize on your rebellion. It wants you to rebel. We are more in the box when we rebel than we realize.

Remember, Soul is the first mind, and no one can predict where your first mind is leading you to, not even you. You don’t even know until Soul reveals it to you at the moment. Everything Soul tells us to do is designed to fulfill us.

The Matrix employs Ego to make catching up with your true self difficult. It is this that makes experiencing fulfillment consistently a struggle. The world can’t use a fulfilled person more than they use themselves. 

The Grand Laws of the Universe

ego rich and soul poor universe

Much like racism, the Matrix is an ideology. It’s something the world gets us to believe about ourselves that is untrue.

It’s rooted in two primary beliefs: The first belief is that something is missing from you, you are incomplete. The second belief is that there is something wrong with you, you are not good enough. Something missing, something wrong!

The Matrix influences you to live in defiance to the first three grand laws of the universe. Those three laws are:

  1. Use Everything, waste nothing.
  2. You are equal to no one else, except yourself.
  3. Power is within not without

As we seek to fix ourselves and find what is not missing, we end up wasting valuable aspects of ourselves, talents, gifts, and abilities. We aim to prove that we are either higher than or lower than other people.

As a result, we end up experiencing disempowerment because we think of power as something outside of ourselves.

Inadvertently, we live in opposition to the three grand laws. We live in internal conflict. Instead of going with the natural flow of the universe, we’re going against it. 

The Psychological Spiderweb

The Matrix suggests to us that we aren’t good enough through public education, social media, advertising, marketing, and religion.

It tells us that until we find what is missing or fix what is defective, we will never be good enough.

It gives you a standard of beauty that suggests that you’re not pretty or smart enough. We need to alter the way you naturally look. We are sinners and addicts, and we will always be.

Redemption is, therefore, conditional. Essentially, this means we have to prove ourselves to the world and believe me; we spend a hell of a lot of time trying to prove ourselves.

The time we put into this could be used to accept ourselves and seek to discover how to maximize our full potential.

Because we’re so caught up in the psychological spiderweb of something missing, something wrong, we can spend twenty-four hours a day with ourselves and yet even after forty or more years still don’t know who we are, why we are here or what it takes to make ourselves happy.

Now that’s some shit!

ego rich and soul poor sad

Ultimately, who we end up trying to prove our worth to are other people, not God.

When we’re attempting to fix what we believe is wrong, or trying to find what we think is missing, we put living our lives to the fullest on hold.

Meanwhile, the world is sucking us dry of our most precious resources. We work like dogs, with little to nothing to show for it at the end.

When the world can no longer find any use for us, it releases us back into the wild so we can roam the pastures like an old horse. Like a vampire sucking the blood of one of his familiars, a willing host, the emotional blood of our lives, our time, energy, and attention is taken.

The Matrix Does It Through Ego

The Ego is how the Matrix downloads the ideology into our thinking.

Can you remember when you first started to believe that something was wrong with you or something was missing from you?

It was when your Ego had become firmly installed into your thinking. Your Ego is your very own Agent Smith. It’s in your subconscious mind, much like computer programs are downloaded into computers before you purchase them.

It happened during the formative years of your life long before your conscious mind awoke. The bigger your Ego gets, the less you’re going to enjoy your life, and the more you’re going to struggle to establish peace and happiness within yourself.

No matter what you achieve or accomplish, it will not be good enough. The Ego is never satisfied. There will always be something else your Ego will tell you that you have to do to be good enough. All Ego desires are insatiable.

As long as your Ego runs your life, you will have no choice but to play the role of the imposter. 

Our Lives Should Work For Us

We wonder why our life doesn’t work for us the way we observe it working for others. We watch ourselves do things for others that we are yet to do for ourselves and secretly wonder why that is.

Why are we more inclined to go the extra mile for everyone else, yet won’t go the extra mile for ourselves? Why is it we can apply our genius to help others haul in lots of money, but when it comes to ourselves, we can’t focus long enough on one thing to generate two nickels to our name? 

If you’re lucky, by the time you reach the age of forty or fifty, you’ll wake up to the game. You’ll realize that all the time you’ve spent trying to fix what you thought was wrong with you or find what you believed was missing was all a lie.

Nothing has ever been wrong with you, and neither has there been anything stopping you from being complete.

God created you out of his or her imagination. God imagined you just as you are, authentically. The world distracted you from focusing on the truth of this.

The Matrix sent you on a disempowering trip. Like a pickpocket bumps into someone to draw their attention away from their valuables and then he lifts their purse or wallet. The Matrix did the same thing.

It uses your Ego to rob you of your life, and then it dares you to turn your robber in. It dares you because it knows what your Ego has gotten you to do.

Breaking Free

ego rich and soul poor free

It will be a challenge for you to come clean and give your accurate location to others.

During the period in which you were trying to fix what wasn’t broken or find what wasn’t missing, you did a whole lot of putting on airs. In other words, you pretended a lot of things, and you lied.

Breaking free from the Matrix requires you to give your accurate location and live in it. The journey to mental health doesn’t start until you do.

You have to tell people where you are in your life at this present moment. You have to stand naked before people.

Only by returning to nakedness can we regain entrance back into the garden of paradise.

Naked and nude do not mean the same thing. Naked means, being transparent and vulnerable, and along with both comes accountability.

Your Ego does not want you to be accountable, because it always brings measurement, and from that comes growth. Your Ego cannot grow because your Ego is not real.

If you’re financially broke, then you have to tell the very people you struggle the most tell that you’re broke.

If you’re divorced, then you need to tell your family you are and stop pretending as if you’re still married, because you’re ashamed of them knowing the truth.

If you’re still unhappy despite all the things you’ve achieved and accomplished…

If you’re struggling with some form of addiction…

You have to admit it. You have to come clean.

You have to free yourself from the lies that make you a prisoner. This truth will set you free because it’s this truth that’s holding you prisoner.

Nothing can or will change until you turn state’s evidence on your Ego. You must demonstrate the everyday courage to turn your Ego in.

The moment you do, you will once more call forth the power of your first mind into your life.

Clarity will return! 

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