Do White People Have a Right to Heal from Racism?

If you believe the answer is no, then you’ve just made the case for separation.

Suppose, metaphorically speaking, the devil came to God, and said:

"Lord, I'm so tired of being the devil. Deep down, this is not really who I am. I'm so unhealthy, and I'm exhausted from always being pointed to as the one doing all the hurting. There has to be more to me than this. My soul cries out in pain for redemption from all the hurting I've caused. Can you get someone else to do this job for me? Can you replace me? Lord, I want to heal from always being the one that does your dirty work! The whole world hates me, and now, everyone can see me for who I've been, and no one will allow me to be anything else."

What if God decided to forgive the devil? How would you feel about that? Would you be upset with God for offering the devil an opportunity for redemption? 

Knowing what redemption means, it would stand to reason that God must see something in the devil worth transforming.

There is an excellent reason we've never seen or heard of the sick, healing the sick. It's because the path to being healthy runs through healing. Just as hurt, people hurt people, healed people heal people!

If you're hurt, or if you've caused hurt, then you need to heal.

healing from racism

If you're going to get healthy, then there is no way around healing. Even the devil must transform because the devil isn't healthy.

It doesn't matter what's your race, gender, sexual orientation, or economic status. If you're hurt or if you've caused hurt, then you need to heal.

The healing journey is different for the one who causes the injury than it is for its victim. Nevertheless, healing is still a prescription.

The only reason to believe someone is not worthy of recovery is that they are incapable of redemption. Healing and deliverance are equal. If you believe in redemption, then you must also believe in healing. 

To take the position that white people do not have the right to heal is also to say white people are beyond redemption. If this is what you believe, then you've made a strong case for why separation is inevitable.

In the social justice movement, we say we want to transform systems and institution, which by the way are predominately composed of white people. At the same token, we express anger and outrage at the very idea of white people having a right to heal from racism.

It’s hypocrisy at the highest level! If white people are unredeemable then why not call for a total and complete separation?

It’s time we all stop playing games with ourselves and get real. When I say, ourselves, I’m not just talking about people of color. I’m also talking about white people, especially, those who consider themselves liberals, who, by the way, look down upon conservative whites.

News flash! Being a so-called ally to people of color does not mean you’ve healed. You don’t need to heal to save people of color! You are not our savior...we are! You need to heal to save yourself from whiteness.

I want you to know that you have just as much, or maybe even more, healing to do than those whites identified as conservative. Anyone’s opposition to healing, which by the way is the cure to ending racism, reveals just how sick we are.

The healer cannot decide who is worthy of healing and who is not.

People are fighting to stay sick. The thing is, though, redemption is not the decision of the one offering healing. The healer cannot decide who is worthy of healing and who is not. The decision rests solely in the hand of the one seeking healing.

Healing is not a privilege or a way out of being held accountable or responsible for any pain inflicted upon another, knowingly or unknowingly. One could argue that recovery is the real work and solution for bringing a total end to racism.

Healing for white people equates to reconnecting to the spirit of their full humanity. It means reclaiming aspects of themselves that they choose to unplug from in order to benefit from the relative advantages (privileges) that come with being white, at the expense of people of color.

Healing is where the real work happens.

That said, let's stop with all the bullshit. If a white person or a person of color is not seeking to heal from the horrific nature of racism, all they're doing is bullshitting! 

We're walking a road with no end in sight, so we can't be held accountable for anything measurable. For this reason, we are suffering from worse outcomes in terms of racial inequity than we were sixty years ago.

Healing is where the victim and perpetrator must confront the spiritual and mental injuries inflicted upon their souls by the perpetrator or as the perpetrator. Both must take responsibility for the transformation of their Divine-Identity psychology.

If the victim waits for the perpetrator to accept responsibility for the hurt they've caused before taking responsibility for their own healing, recovery can never happen.

Likewise, if the perpetrator waits to get permission from the victims to heal, healing will never happen, and the perpetrator will continue to inflict injury.

Anyone genuinely seeking to be restored to their full human potential will accept the responsibilities that come with the process of healing.

Healing is nature's way of redeeming the lost found. The question you should be seeking an answer to is: what is healing? 

Maybe we don't know what healing is, because if we knew, we would most certainly be seeking it.