COVID-19: Fear Makes Us Sick

Power, SubconsciousMarch 16, 2020 Dustin Washington

COVID-19: Fear Makes Us Sick

The coronavirus pandemic offers us all an opportunity to consider the vibrations we send into The Universe.

As infinite, interconnected beings, the energy we create shapes the reality each of us experiences. 

The current global crisis has brought to light many of the ways in which our civilization is dominated by a culture of fear.

This culture of fear can feel inescapable amid the current crisis.

We hear the language of fear from our politicians, cable news networks, and social media channels where we’re inundated with messages of anxiety, misery, isolation and alienation.

Fear is a low-frequency vibration that begets more fear.

COVID-19: Fear Makes Us Sick - Fear

And, as long as we vibrate on a frequency of fear, we remain disconnected from each other and our true power.

In his wisdom, my Brother and colleague, Mahdi, noted that fear is a choice.

Rather than succumb to fear, with proper perspective, we can see this moment as gift.

As we self-quarantine or take precautions to prevent further spread of the virus, we are given an opportunity to rest and recalibrate our desires, our life purpose, and what really matters to us.

It took a global pandemic to slow down our society.

Capitalism and the relentless pursuit of material wealth rarely provide us moments to breathe and simply be with ourselves.

From a Soul Focused perspective, the Universe is offering us all an opportunity for transformational course correction.

While it’s important that we take all precautions to remain healthy, it’s also important that we take the following steps to reduce our frequency of fear:

Raise Your Energy

Use this time to invoke the vibration of love. Visualize, meditate, and make affirmations to increase your internal and external flow of Love.

Take a walk in nature. Prepare and eat a healthy meal. Take food to those who may be unable to leave their homes or afford a meal. 

Laugh with someone. Smile at a stranger. Take a nap. Appreciate the majestic beauty of a sunset. Read a book. Create art. 

Play with your children.

Take Possession Of Your Mind

ego rich and soul poor free

Consciously monitor your thoughts and don’t allow negativity to creep in.

Use this time to eliminate thoughts that go against yourself and your fullest wellbeing.

Decide to only use your mind for harmony, peace, and gratitude. Discover the infinite you who possesses your mind.

Remember That Everything Works In Your Favor

Find out for yourself how the Coronavirus is a unique and wonderful opportunity for you to grow back into your power.

Alchemize the Lead of coronavirus into the Gold of Power.

As you reject the frequency of fear, you will take a huge step toward your power.  Your vibration of Love supports your wellbeing and our collective health. 

In all that we truly are--infinite beings--there is nothing to fear.

WE are forever. YOU are a creator of reality. WE are One.

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