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The Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness means being able to look into the past and coming to terms with all the things that have caused you anger, misery, or pain. It is the act of letting all those things go and moving forward in life with a clear mind and conscience. Forgiveness has immense power. It plays a massive role in our evolution, and it changes our life for the better.

Practicing forgiveness is so important because it helps you in liberating yourself. It enables you to free yourself from the clutches of hurtful memories and give yourself a chance to start afresh.

When you forgive someone, you give yourself and that person a chance to see each other as imperfect human beings who can make wrong decisions a lot of times. Forgiveness makes you more compassionate. It helps you improve your relationships and the overall quality of your life. It is a truly magical thing! 

Not Being Able To Forgive Creates An Unending Cycle Of Misery

Whether it is Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc., all religions talk about the virtue of forgiveness. But, very few adults actually practice forgiveness in their life. Instead, the world we live in today is where transgression is met with punishment. And this creates a sense of constant fear in our minds.

I spent the vast majority of my life in fear of being punished for any mistake that I made. This made me subconsciously attract people who gave me those punishments. Those punishments built a sense of resentment inside me, and thus, I waited to punish anybody for a mistake they made. You see, all of that created a never-ending cycle of misery, both for myself and for others.

People who cannot forgive others and instead choose to punish them get stuck in a constant loop of anger, frustration, and misery. This negatively impacts their minds, and they cannot lead a productive life.

No matter what others believe, punishing others is not a display of power. True power lies in forgiveness. True power lies in making amends. 

Anger Keeps You Stuck In The Past

The worst thing about anger is that it doesn't let you move forward in life. Instead, it keeps you stuck in the past, where you just keep on reliving those painful memories again and again.

When something unfortunate happens to us, something that was done to us by others that we didn't deserve, we feel extreme anger at that moment. And if we are unable to forgive those people, that anger just keeps multiplying.

It goes on increasing to the point where it starts interfering with your life. It won't let you pursue meaningful relationships, it stops you from trusting others, and it doesn't allow you to love yourself, let alone love other people.

When you have years of rage trapped inside of your heart, you will live in a state of constant conflict with yourself. You will be stuck in a loop of that original event of hurt and pain. This won't let you live in the present even if you want to. And this is not the right way to live, right? So, You need to let that hurt, pain, and anger go to live peacefully. And that's why practicing forgiveness is so important. 

The Power Of Rage Is Temporary

Now that we are talking about the power of forgiveness, let's accept another fact. There's power in anger too. Yes, you read it right! Rage can also make you feel powerful.

When faced with injustice, it is natural to be filled with anger. And most of the time, that anger is justified as well. For example, I was filled with rage in my case because my stepfather abused me in childhood. That anger was justifiable in every sense. It brought me immense power at that moment.

In fact, I felt the most powerful was when I was angry. I felt like I was expressing myself because my own particular childhood trauma was about silence; it was about things that happened to me when nobody was around. That trauma made me feel voiceless. So as an adult, when I projected that rage, I felt powerful in the moment.

We feel immensely powerful when we collectively rage against the system, right? For example, when we are projecting our anger against the injustices of racism, classism, institutional and systemic racism, etc., we feel invincible. But is that power real? Because after a while, everyone goes back to their homes and their completely different lives. And just like, all that rage goes away too. So, the power of anger is short-lived and temporary. It is more of an illusion than real power.

Furthermore, if not checked, anger often becomes addictive. It becomes a habit that you cannot let go of easily. So you start looking for opportunities to be angry. Ultimately, you start attracting angry people too.

And when you have a lot of people who are unhealed and filled with rage around you all the time, your personal growth is hampered. It starts eating you up from the inside. So, if you want to get out of that unending cycle of misery, practicing forgiveness is essential. 

How Do You Attain The Power Of Forgiveness?

If you want to attain the power of forgiveness, you need to be able to look at your side of the street. You need to be able to take up responsibility for your actions.

Instead of finding faults in others, you should be brave enough to recognize the wrongs that you committed. What were the harms that you caused? Did you hurt others in one way or the other? Contemplating these things will give you a new perspective. It will help you think about the ways to right your wrongs. 

Take Responsibility For Your Faults And Actions

As children, most of us always dwell on things done to us by our parents, guardians, and others or the pain others caused us and how others wronged us. So we start living inside a bubble of pain, in the victim mode. And all this hurt slowly builds a sense of resentment and rage in us.

As a child, I had a difficult relationship with my stepfather. I was physically, emotionally, and mentally abused by him. I had so much rage towards him that it started negatively affecting my life as I grew up.

I played that rage out towards everyone around me- my friends, partners, colleagues, and everyone else. I projected all my anger on systems, institutions, and people in positions of authority and power.

Not only that, I turned that rage inwards, too, through self-destructive behaviors. It affected my friendships, my relationships, and almost everything else. Basically, I let the anger that I had towards my stepfather define me and shape my life.

But as I moved along on this path of recovery, I realized the power of forgiveness and amends. I started looking at my faults instead of focusing on what my stepfather did to me. I started taking responsibility for all the harm and hurt I have caused to other people. I started seeking their forgiveness. And this, in turn, allowed me to have compassion for the people who had hurt or harmed me in the past.

This is because if I want forgiveness for my actions, I indeed have to be able to forgive other people. All of this brought a massive paradigm shift in me. I was able to see my stepfather as a human being just like me. When I did this, the weight of rage and anger chopped off to the point where I could have loving conversations with him. It was a magical moment for me! This is the power of forgiveness- it changed my whole life for the better!

And if I can do this, you can do this too! 

Get Out Of The Victim Zone

To improve your life and start the process of self-healing, it is crucial to get out of the victim zone first. Because if we keep seeing ourselves as victims, we will never be able to break that cycle of anger and pain.

You need to accept that whatever happened to you in the past is a fact, and you cannot change that now. But no part of our past should stop you from being your greatest self today. Because no matter what happened to you in the past, you and only you are responsible for reliving those experiences again and again in the present.

If you don't get out of the victim zone, you'd just keep being stuck in those painful events. You will just keep living out those memories and never truly move forward in life.

But letting go of this victimhood will give you the power of choice. You will have the ability to choose to keep living those painful experiences out, or you can choose to let them go, stop beating yourself up, stop feeling like a powerless person, and be compassionate towards yourself. 

The Power Of Forgiveness Meditation

If you want to start on the journey of forgiveness, practicing forgiveness meditation can do wonders for you! It can be life-changing.

Forgiveness meditation starts with forgiving yourself. You should forgive yourself for what you have done to other people, forgive yourself for what you did to yourself, and forgive others for what they did to you. Forgiveness meditation helps you free yourself from the clutches of all the painful memories.

As humans, we often forget to forgive ourselves; we carry all the guilt inside our hearts while we move forward in life. And this never lets us heal completely. Because a small part of us still feels guilty for our past mistakes. Even if other people forgive you for what you did to them, your healing process will remain incomplete if you aren't able to forgive yourself.

So, it is crucial to forgive yourself for what you did to others and forgive others for what they did to you. It is an integral part of your healing process. 

The Journey Of Forgiveness Starts With Forgiving Yourself

Forgiveness starts with us. The world has convinced us mistakes are meant to be punished. And even though we try to forgive others for their mistakes and rebuild our relationship with them, we never do the same for our own selves. Unfortunately, the concept of self-forgiveness is absent from society.

We have been socialized and conditioned to be hard on ourselves. This has developed an ego in us. We don't want to be self-forgiving. Instead, we have been subconsciously programmed to be unforgiving to ourselves and keep punishing and hurting ourselves for our past mistakes. And it's high time that we change this.

As an adult, you have the responsibility to take action for yourself. You are in charge of shaping and defining your reality. Thus, the only person who is really in control of your forgiveness process is you. Unfortunately, this is something that most people often fail to realize.

You are in the driving seat for your forgiveness process. You have the choice to go towards your soul, which is about harmony and peace, or continue down that path of ego, which is about self-conflict and the correlating misery that it produces. The choice is yours! 

Don’t Hang Onto Guilt And Anger

Hanging onto guilt, anger, and shame is not serving any of us. All it does is create a lot of unhelpful and negative energy that acts as a monumental barrier to the true purpose on this planet. As human beings, our true goal is to simply love each other. And all that anger, guilt, victimhood, etc., serve as distractions and prevent us from loving each other.

But what is love? The answer is simpler than you think. Love is the sense of oneness- oneness with ourselves and others. And you cannot truly love yourself if you cannot forgive yourself.

So, sit down in peace, take as much time as you may need, and truly forgive yourself for whatever guilt you are carrying in your heart.

Treat yourself with the same compassion that you'd show to your loved ones. Because whether you believe it or not, you deserve every bit of self-love and compassion. The sooner each of us realizes this, the better we will be.

The act of forgiveness has immense power, and it's time for you to experience it!

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life recycling
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M’s Creation of Life Recycling

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Abundant Love
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Abundant Love

The world has turned upside down.

COVID-19 has hit humanity with the ferocity of a Mike Tyson blow to the body. We are all experiencing a wide range of emotions, from fear to hope.

As we celebrated the New Year on Jan 1st 2020, very few of us could foresee the devastating loss of life, living life in quarantine, and the sweeping economic turmoil we are facing as I write this in the Spring of 2020.

Yet, even in the midst of this unparalleled storm, the sun is still shining through. This moment has provided a awe inspiring opportunity for our lives and our world.

This opportunity will be realized when we draw upon our greatest and sometimes hidden treasure within: Abundant Love.

abundant love

Now is a historical moment for us all to collectively imagine a radical restructuring of our current world order--a restructuring based in infinite possibility built upon a Soul Focused foundation of creativity and purpose.

A new world that reflects our deepest and most powerful gift: Our love.

Imagine a world where we have developed a new and dynamic cooperative economy where everyone truly prospers, no one is exploited and poverty is a idea resigned to the dust bin of history.

Because we imagine this, it can be done.

Imagine an educational experience where the natural expression of every child was intentionally cultivated and nurtured for the benefit of us all.

An educational experience where our children were taught how to be happy and how to truly love themselves and their neighbors.

This is easily within our grasps when we move beyond our current socialization of limitation.

Imagine all of us working together in harmony to build new and vibrant institutions of health, housing and people centered government that was guided by human solidarity and an ever-expanding love for all humanity.

Yes -- if we believe-- we can easily realize this as our common reality.

Everything we currently experience as reality begins and ends in our minds. When enough of us move from fighting against and complaining to creating and building, we will automatically shift this reality to one of our choosing.

soul focused group background

We live in a universe of unlimited possibility.

We all desire to be loved and to love.

We all have enormous capacity and beautiful gifts to share with the world.

When we reconnect to the magic of our beautiful thinking minds, we will boldly create the world our children and our grandchildren deserve.

We are Abundant love.

Let it begin.

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path to soul happiness

The Path To Soul-Happiness

Picture yourself confidently gliding across the floor as you walk...

You’re looking people right into their eyes with absolutely no doubt or fear in you. Everyone can see you have an air of certainty about yourself. The phrase, "I got this" is written all over your face.

Now listen to yourself!

You're expressing what you genuinely want to communicate without any hesitation in your voice.

You don't hold anything back, and what's even more impressive is the fact that nothing you say is coming out of you like an erupting volcano.

You're relaxed and calm. It feels like you're in the zone, and everything is effortlessly happening for you.

You're not putting up any opposition to yourself.

This is what it feels, looks, and sounds like to be in a state of Soul-Happiness.

Satisfying Soul is your focus

path to soul happiness

Now, would you like to discover how to manifest Soul-Happiness within yourself? 

There are two fundamental paths in life. There is one that leads to Soul-Happiness, and then there's the one that leads to Ego-Madness.

The feeling of hopelessness and emptiness is a by-product of Ego-Madness, and believe it or not, Ego-madness only exists to serve as a signal.

Ego's job is to let us know when we're off course.

The unhappiness in our lives causes us to examine where we are and what we're doing. It's telling us that we're off-balance, and we don't know it.

That is the only reason why such things as depression and sorrow exist. 

Despair works much like the warning lights on the dashboard of your automobile.

They don't come on to punish you or beat you down; instead, they are there only to act as a secondary guide, a detour sign.

They're saying to you, "There's something you've been ignoring that you need to turn your attention to immediately."

These warning signs are working in your favor, even in those moments when it seems like they're not. 

Trust the universe!​​​​

ego rich and soul poor universe

Life, in its very essence, never works against itself. There is something built into the nature of life that always wants you to win.

The problem is that you haven't uncovered it yet; nevertheless, it is still there working in your favor.

We wouldn't have made it this far if life worked against itself. It's not life that works against life.

It's the way our Ego influences us to see and process our lives that causes our thoughts to oppose the desire of our lives without us even realizing it.  

When we're off course, we ignore the signs.

We're so distracted from the original path (our authentic self) that we can't see, hear or feel the negative impact the accumulative effect of our being off course is having on our lives.

Usually, it's not until life gives us that final wake-up call that we quicken from our deep sleep of unconsciousness.

Sometimes the messages are delivered to us in the form of the total loss of our health, companionship, or career crash.

These are all alarm clocks trying their best to wake us up from our deep sleep.

I hate to be dichotomous (either, or logic), yet it's true.

There is only the original path, the one we all signed up to take, and then there is there the illusionary route.

It's the path we embark upon as a result of trying to fit in, please other people or impress them.

The road to Ego-Madness lies here.  

We each must realize that whoever we are attempting to be for other people is not who we are.

And when we are not who we are, we are nobody

The universe has no credentials on who you're pretending to be. There is no way to authenticate your identity.

In Ego-madness, our state of “nobodiness” compels us to want to prove to other people that we are somebody.

Intuitively we know we are somebody, yet we are unable to remember why we're somebody as long as we're on the wrong path.

Again, this is not to punish you; instead, it seeks to call you back to the original path.  

Perhaps the sentiment of the original path was expressed best by Ralph Waldo Emerson when he said this; "To be yourself in a world that's constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."

I agree.  

There is only the original path

path to soul happiness path

It's unfortunate that for some, we don't wake up until we hear the doctor say. "I'm sorry, but you only have a few months to live."

For others, it's feeling our significant other moving away from us emotionally when they say to us, "I love you, but I can't take this anymore. I'm leaving you!"

And finally, for others, the wake-up call comes when the company we've been working with for years announces to us, "We're sorry, but we're going to have to let you go. It's time for us to take a different course." 

For some reason, it takes this to shake us, to force us to come clean with ourselves about our unhappiness.

It's then we start to see all the signs we missed, all the conversations we weren't present to, and all the magical moments we took for granted.

Soul-happiness waits for us, and yet we are unable to enter the doors of paradise until we come clean with ourselves.

Soul Happiness is a state we can exist in only after we have returned to our original state of nakedness.

The question is, how naked can you stand to get and for how long can you stay there.

Naked and nude aren't the same thing. Nude is not having any physical clothing on. Nakedness is not having anything to hide or be ashamed of about yourself.

Transparency is liberation and power.

It's an explosion of miracles, mercy, and magic all at one time. It's is being in a state of vulnerability. 

It's no longer hiding the truth from yourself. Transparency is the evidence we offer up as proof that we've been doing the work of spiritual consciousness.

As long as we're naked, our Ego has nothing to hold onto

ego rich and soul poor free

Spiritual consciousness is not a religion, nor is it religious. Spiritual awareness is all about the condition of your relationship with yourself.

Until you are in the right standing with yourself, you are unable to put yourself in proper context with anyone else. It is this sacred relationship that rests at the center of all those other relationships in your life.

You are the common denominator. The reason all the other relationships exist. All the people in your life are, on some level, mirroring back to you some aspect of yourself.

You are the star of the show.

The mirroring effect is not happening to hurt, embarrass, or punish you. It's happening to help get you back on the right track.  

Be honest!

Aren't you tired of always having to lose to win?

Why do you need tragedy to motivate you?

Aren't you tired of having to wait until you've lost everything or everyone before you learn to appreciate what you have?

Do you honestly believe the universe designed life to be this way?

Wouldn't it be magical to be able to solve the problems in our lives in real-time?

More importantly, how fantastic would it be to enjoy every moment of our lives rather than only now and then?

Picture yourself being able to stop yourself from losing before you lose. 

What are we missing here? 

We know how to speak the language of consciousness, yet what we practice doesn't align with the language we speak.

We are yet to integrate our social mindfulness with our spiritual awareness.

We are advanced in our technical knowledge of other people's ways of being, yet we are grossly incompetent and cowardly when it comes to facing up to our inner demons.

We want to change other people, yet we have not changed.

Somewhere in our cognitive dissonance, we believe we can transform systems and institutions even though we haven't figured out how to transform ourselves.

We are yet to present ourselves naked before the mirror.

It's time we confront our shadows

the loop child

Nakedness is the ticket to Soul-Happiness. Are you ready to get naked?

Where are you now?

Do you see what you need to see?

Are you turning and facing the conversations that you once avoided out of fear?

Are you paying attention to the negative emotions you keep experiencing that you haven't been able to escape?

They are some of your most significant helpers.   

Again, where are you now?

Announce it to yourself. Allow yourself to hear you say it aloud. "I'm lost!"

Today is the day you stop lying to yourself. Today is the day you start to learn through gain rather than from loss.

The journey to Soul-Happiness doesn't just begin with you knowing you want to live in a state of Soul-Happiness.

It starts with you being honest with yourself about where you are right now.

This is the first step to getting naked.

Until you know where you are and are unashamed to reveal it to others, you cannot make it to where you want to be.

It's time to sober up and come out of denial 

Take a good cold look at the results you've been producing in your life and your work.  

Results never lie. They have no reason to lie.

If you're not experiencing Soul-Happiness, it's because you're all caught up in Ego-Madness.

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Ego, Soul

Ego Rich And Soul Poor (Part Two)

You Weren’t Born With An Ego

You weren’t born with an Ego. You developed one. Stop thinking that you were born with one.

Ego is artificial intelligence (AI). The fact that you weren’t born with an Ego doesn’t stop people from telling you that you need an Ego to survive in this world.

In all honesty, I agree with them.

You do need an Ego to survive. The operative phrase is “to survive.” Thank goodness, Soul wants to do more than hang in there and do its best to make it.

Soul wants to live to the fullest. To achieve this, Ego cannot be dominant in your life over Soul.

Ego is something the world installs into your thinking before you can remember how to think.

The Governor On The Engine

ego rich and soul poor engine

It’s the governor positioned on the engine of the bus; my grade school bus driver told me about when I was only eight years old.

I remember sitting on the front seat of the bus, fascinated by the fact that although she’d press the accelerator to the floor, the bus would not go any faster than fifty-five miles per hour.

I asked her why, and she responded. “The bus won’t travel any faster than fifty-five miles per hour because there’s a governor installed on the engine. It’s designed to prevent the horsepower of the engine from reaching any speed above fifty-five.”

She went on to tell me that it was a safety precaution. The governor was a control mechanism. It took away the option for bus drivers to drive faster. 

Ego works just like the governor positioned on the engine of the bus. The world installs it on your thinking to control you, to interfere with how you see and treat your horsepower.

Your Horsepower Is Your Natural Expression

The second you alter it to fit in, you lose the ability to go as fast as you can go. The more you change it, the slower you travel. You lose the ability to keep up with your true self.

The Matrix does not want you to move as quickly as you can go. After all, no one would be able to stop you.

To prevent this, it installs an Ego (a governor). Ego is your second mind. It distracts you from following your first mind.

Ego is the mind that tells you to do what the world tells you to do. Even when you’re rebelling against the world, you’re doing what the world wants you to do.

It already has a contingency plan to capitalize on your rebellion. It wants you to rebel. We are more in the box when we rebel than we realize.

Remember, Soul is the first mind, and no one can predict where your first mind is leading you to, not even you. You don’t even know until Soul reveals it to you at the moment. Everything Soul tells us to do is designed to fulfill us.

The Matrix employs Ego to make catching up with your true self difficult. It is this that makes experiencing fulfillment consistently a struggle. The world can’t use a fulfilled person more than they use themselves. 

The Grand Laws of the Universe

ego rich and soul poor universe

Much like racism, the Matrix is an ideology. It’s something the world gets us to believe about ourselves that is untrue.

It’s rooted in two primary beliefs: The first belief is that something is missing from you, you are incomplete. The second belief is that there is something wrong with you, you are not good enough. Something missing, something wrong!

The Matrix influences you to live in defiance to the first three grand laws of the universe. Those three laws are:

  1. Use Everything, waste nothing.
  2. You are equal to no one else, except yourself.
  3. Power is within not without

As we seek to fix ourselves and find what is not missing, we end up wasting valuable aspects of ourselves, talents, gifts, and abilities. We aim to prove that we are either higher than or lower than other people.

As a result, we end up experiencing disempowerment because we think of power as something outside of ourselves.

Inadvertently, we live in opposition to the three grand laws. We live in internal conflict. Instead of going with the natural flow of the universe, we’re going against it. 

The Psychological Spiderweb

The Matrix suggests to us that we aren’t good enough through public education, social media, advertising, marketing, and religion.

It tells us that until we find what is missing or fix what is defective, we will never be good enough.

It gives you a standard of beauty that suggests that you’re not pretty or smart enough. We need to alter the way you naturally look. We are sinners and addicts, and we will always be.

Redemption is, therefore, conditional. Essentially, this means we have to prove ourselves to the world and believe me; we spend a hell of a lot of time trying to prove ourselves.

The time we put into this could be used to accept ourselves and seek to discover how to maximize our full potential.

Because we’re so caught up in the psychological spiderweb of something missing, something wrong, we can spend twenty-four hours a day with ourselves and yet even after forty or more years still don’t know who we are, why we are here or what it takes to make ourselves happy.

Now that’s some shit!

ego rich and soul poor sad

Ultimately, who we end up trying to prove our worth to are other people, not God.

When we’re attempting to fix what we believe is wrong, or trying to find what we think is missing, we put living our lives to the fullest on hold.

Meanwhile, the world is sucking us dry of our most precious resources. We work like dogs, with little to nothing to show for it at the end.

When the world can no longer find any use for us, it releases us back into the wild so we can roam the pastures like an old horse. Like a vampire sucking the blood of one of his familiars, a willing host, the emotional blood of our lives, our time, energy, and attention is taken.

The Matrix Does It Through Ego

The Ego is how the Matrix downloads the ideology into our thinking.

Can you remember when you first started to believe that something was wrong with you or something was missing from you?

It was when your Ego had become firmly installed into your thinking. Your Ego is your very own Agent Smith. It’s in your subconscious mind, much like computer programs are downloaded into computers before you purchase them.

It happened during the formative years of your life long before your conscious mind awoke. The bigger your Ego gets, the less you’re going to enjoy your life, and the more you’re going to struggle to establish peace and happiness within yourself.

No matter what you achieve or accomplish, it will not be good enough. The Ego is never satisfied. There will always be something else your Ego will tell you that you have to do to be good enough. All Ego desires are insatiable.

As long as your Ego runs your life, you will have no choice but to play the role of the imposter. 

Our Lives Should Work For Us

We wonder why our life doesn’t work for us the way we observe it working for others. We watch ourselves do things for others that we are yet to do for ourselves and secretly wonder why that is.

Why are we more inclined to go the extra mile for everyone else, yet won’t go the extra mile for ourselves? Why is it we can apply our genius to help others haul in lots of money, but when it comes to ourselves, we can’t focus long enough on one thing to generate two nickels to our name? 

If you’re lucky, by the time you reach the age of forty or fifty, you’ll wake up to the game. You’ll realize that all the time you’ve spent trying to fix what you thought was wrong with you or find what you believed was missing was all a lie.

Nothing has ever been wrong with you, and neither has there been anything stopping you from being complete.

God created you out of his or her imagination. God imagined you just as you are, authentically. The world distracted you from focusing on the truth of this.

The Matrix sent you on a disempowering trip. Like a pickpocket bumps into someone to draw their attention away from their valuables and then he lifts their purse or wallet. The Matrix did the same thing.

It uses your Ego to rob you of your life, and then it dares you to turn your robber in. It dares you because it knows what your Ego has gotten you to do.

Breaking Free

ego rich and soul poor free

It will be a challenge for you to come clean and give your accurate location to others.

During the period in which you were trying to fix what wasn’t broken or find what wasn’t missing, you did a whole lot of putting on airs. In other words, you pretended a lot of things, and you lied.

Breaking free from the Matrix requires you to give your accurate location and live in it. The journey to mental health doesn’t start until you do.

You have to tell people where you are in your life at this present moment. You have to stand naked before people.

Only by returning to nakedness can we regain entrance back into the garden of paradise.

Naked and nude do not mean the same thing. Naked means, being transparent and vulnerable, and along with both comes accountability.

Your Ego does not want you to be accountable, because it always brings measurement, and from that comes growth. Your Ego cannot grow because your Ego is not real.

If you’re financially broke, then you have to tell the very people you struggle the most tell that you’re broke.

If you’re divorced, then you need to tell your family you are and stop pretending as if you’re still married, because you’re ashamed of them knowing the truth.

If you’re still unhappy despite all the things you’ve achieved and accomplished…

If you’re struggling with some form of addiction…

You have to admit it. You have to come clean.

You have to free yourself from the lies that make you a prisoner. This truth will set you free because it’s this truth that’s holding you prisoner.

Nothing can or will change until you turn state’s evidence on your Ego. You must demonstrate the everyday courage to turn your Ego in.

The moment you do, you will once more call forth the power of your first mind into your life.

Clarity will return! 

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