Abundant Love

Soul, SubconsciousMay 16, 2020 Dustin Washington

Abundant Love

The world has turned upside down.

COVID-19 has hit humanity with the ferocity of a Mike Tyson blow to the body. We are all experiencing a wide range of emotions, from fear to hope.

As we celebrated the New Year on Jan 1st 2020, very few of us could foresee the devastating loss of life, living life in quarantine, and the sweeping economic turmoil we are facing as I write this in the Spring of 2020.

Yet, even in the midst of this unparalleled storm, the sun is still shining through. This moment has provided a awe inspiring opportunity for our lives and our world.

This opportunity will be realized when we draw upon our greatest and sometimes hidden treasure within: Abundant Love.

abundant love

Now is a historical moment for us all to collectively imagine a radical restructuring of our current world order--a restructuring based in infinite possibility built upon a Soul Focused foundation of creativity and purpose.

A new world that reflects our deepest and most powerful gift: Our love.

Imagine a world where we have developed a new and dynamic cooperative economy where everyone truly prospers, no one is exploited and poverty is a idea resigned to the dust bin of history.

Because we imagine this, it can be done.

Imagine an educational experience where the natural expression of every child was intentionally cultivated and nurtured for the benefit of us all.

An educational experience where our children were taught how to be happy and how to truly love themselves and their neighbors.

This is easily within our grasps when we move beyond our current socialization of limitation.

Imagine all of us working together in harmony to build new and vibrant institutions of health, housing and people centered government that was guided by human solidarity and an ever-expanding love for all humanity.

Yes -- if we believe-- we can easily realize this as our common reality.

Everything we currently experience as reality begins and ends in our minds. When enough of us move from fighting against and complaining to creating and building, we will automatically shift this reality to one of our choosing.

soul focused group background

We live in a universe of unlimited possibility.

We all desire to be loved and to love.

We all have enormous capacity and beautiful gifts to share with the world.

When we reconnect to the magic of our beautiful thinking minds, we will boldly create the world our children and our grandchildren deserve.

We are Abundant love.

Let it begin.

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