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Welcome to an integrated consciousness experience!

At the Soul Focus Group, we teach you how to integrate your social/political consciousness with your spiritual consciousness.

When the integration occurs, your well-mind power is activated and the needle starts to move.

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Who We Are

The Soul Focus Group, LLC is a next generation educational consulting company. We are Human Performance Specialists who believe in people.  We know when people are in their power, they will achieve greatness.  

Our specialists bring over twenty-five years of experience in helping people unlock the power of their Natural Expression through Integrated Consciousness and Ego Reduction®.

With our formula we awaken the power, creativity, and innovation fermenting in our natural expression.

What We Do

At the Soul Focus Group our mission is to provide individuals, organizations and businesses with highly effective, unforgettable, learning experiences that truly move the needle. 

Our learning modalities include:

We bridge the social and spiritual consciousness gap, cognitively reconnecting participants to the full power of their Natural Expression.

As we know, our mind is only well when we learn how to work well with our Natural Expression.

Meet The Team

Berwick Mahdi Davenport

CEO/Senior Consultant

Berwick Mahdi Davenport, AKA “M” is a social justice, anti-racist facilitator and organizers who is also a Life Coach pioneer. He’s been in practice for over thirty years. Before Life Coaching was
even a thing, M was pioneering the field. He is a coach who coaches coaches, facilitating and mentoring thousands of leaders from all over the globe.

Most importantly, M is the prodigy behind
the creation of the Ego Reduction Formula, which makes integrating social/political consciousness with spiritual consciousness possible. M is also a celebrated author and a loving father of three very beautiful daughters.

Dustin Washington

Vice President/Senior Consultant

Dustin Washington is a highly engaging and wise anti-racist educator and organizer and a senior consultant with The Soul Focused Group. Dustin has served as the Director of the Community Justice Program with the American Friends Service Committee, Clinical Faculty in The School of Public Health at The University of Washington and is currently a Core-Trainer for The Peoples Institute for Survival and Beyond. Dustin is also the proud and honored father of Calin and Dominick Washington.

Martin Friedman

Senior Consultant

Martin Friedman is a life coach, story teller and antiracist organizer.  He is a core trainer and organizer with the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond.  Martin has worked as a college preparatory counselor and in the field of prison reentry and family reunification.  He has also been a 15 year volunteer at Monroe Correctional Complex with the Black Prisoner’s Caucus.  Martin was a cofounder of the People’s Institute Northwest, The City of Seattle Undoing Institutional Racism Group, the coalition of antiracist whites (carw) and Seattle European Dissent.   He is currently working with antiracist white folks around the country on what it means to move from being an ally to being an abolitionist.  He currently resides in the Cleveland Ohio area. 

Bonnie Cushing

Senior Consultant

Bonnie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, an Antiracist Organizer and Educator and a Lifecycle Celebrant. She has worked in the mental health field for 30 years as a family-
systems therapist and group facilitator, and for over 20 years has devoted herself to the movement for racial and social justice. She received her MSW from Adelphi University, her training as a family therapist from the Multicultural Family Institute of New Jersey, her antiracist training from the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond and her training as a “cleric without borders” - collaborating with people on meaningful Ceremonies marking the milestones of their lives - from the Celebrant Foundation and
Institute of North America.

Ms. Cushing brings her combined curiosity and experience as a therapist, trainer and organizer to the Soul Focus Group with a deepening appreciation for the need to free ourselves of the bondage of our egos and socialization in order to grow into the truth of our Divinity.

Bonnie Cushing

Nicole Auffant


Nicole Auffant is doctoral candidate in Urban Systems at Rutgers University. Her research is guided by social justice and anti-racist practices. Nicole began her Soul Focused journey in the summer of 2018, upon realizing that she was getting in the way of her own growth. She began receiving coaching from the Soul Focused Group and knew she had to share these practices with others. She is dedicated to projecting the voices of youth and women of color and helping people feel comfortable in their own bodies.

Nicole Auffant

Martina Tam


Martina Tam is a resident in family medicine at Kaiser Permanente of Washington in Seattle. In her work as a physician, she focuses on self-empowerment and increasing self-awareness of our body and mind to improve our health. She is especially interested in addressing the role of systemic racism in healthcare and raising providers' self-awareness of our biases and how this affects the care we provide.

At Kaiser Permanente of Washington she has helped to initiate and lead anti-racism work in the residency. She has co-facilitated Undoing Racism and Soul Focused Group trainings at Kaiser Permanente of Washington and Starbucks headquarters. She brings a health perspective to her trainings but is also able to relate more broadly about making systemic change in a large corporation from her experiences at Kaiser Permanente.

Martina Tam

Brittany Davis

Digital Marketing Consultant

Brittany Davis is a digital marketing consultant with The Soul Focused Group. Brittany graduated from Washington State University Vancouver with a degree in Creative Media and Digital Culture. While at WSUV Brittany served as the First Nations Club President, and is the 2017 Humanitarian Award recipient. Brittany specializes in social media marketing and content creation.

Brittany Davis Bio

Our Story

After over a quarter of a century of being fully engaged in the social justice movement; marching, protesting, fighting the systems and often each other for the cause, we found ourselves defeated and having not produced any meaningful or measurable social change.

The sad reality was that no group was more out of their power, than we were.  

Not so secretly, we were dysfunctional, unhappy, and resentful. We were just beginning to realize that something had to change. We were suffering from depression, poor health, going broke, addictions and toxic relationships with ourselves and others.  

In fact, it was the sober realization of the state of our lives and work that brought us to our first awakening:

Our lives weren't working for us.

No matter how many anti-racism workshops we facilitated, how many radio or television shows we were invited to speak on, how many awards we received, secretly, our lives were a mess.  We’re not ashamed to open up to you about this.  

It’s time for someone be honest.  We want it to be us.

On some level we believed our lives should have been working well, because we were doing exactly what we had been taught to do.  We were leaving our families, traveling the country and exposing injustice. We came to find that this path was both delusional and an illusion.

Through our delusional thinking, it became apparent to us that fighting against something, no matter how noble, was not creating the lives we wanted for ourselves.  Fighting against something never creates anything to take the place of what we’re fighting against.  

It only works to perpetuate and sustain the status quo. A status quo of inner and external oppression.

Thus, in the midst of all our activism and protesting, we found that our lives actually worked better for others than it did for us.  Other people were getting much more out of us than we were getting out of ourselves.  

We decided to change all of that.  This, we identified as “The Problem. Our lives weren’t working for us. We weren’t being, doing, and having what we desired most for ourselves... and we wanted to.  

Before, we hadn't even realized our lives were supposed to be working for us.  We thought that being of service meant sacrificing our personal goals, dreams, and desires. In a way, we secretly expected to be unhappy.  

We thought this was the price for the struggle.  

Then we realized something.  

We realized our life belonged to us and therefore, should work for us! The quest to uncover why our life wasn’t working for us, led us to our second awakening.  

We realized that when your life doesn’t work for you, it’s because your mind isn’t working for you. 

We weren’t operating inside the Power of Eunoia. 

Power of Eunoia

Eunoia is a Greek word.  It means, a well-mind; a beautiful thinking mind.  It’s also a medical term with an opposite counterpart, called Paranoia, the opposite of a well-mind.  Paranoia is a suspicious mind.  

Eunoia is a mind in agreement with the natural expression emanating from Soul.  Paranoia is a mind in conflict with it.  Think of your mind, as if it were an engine and your natural expression, as the horsepower driving the engine.  

As long as we’re altering, holding back, or suppressing our natural expression, there is conflict inside our mind.  This confusion reduces the power of the engine. It weakens the power of our mind.   

For years, we rigorously searched out the cause. We found there to be a cognitive split in our consciousness... a self-paranoia or suspicion.  Psychologists refer to this split as cognitive dissonance. In other words, our spiritual consciousness was not merging with our social consciousness.  We weren’t making the connection.  

Spiritual consciousness doesn’t mean religiosity.  It’s referring to the state of our invisible internal relationship with ourselves.  In other words, what we say to ourselves, about ourselves, inside ourselves. This is spiritual consciousness.  

Social consciousness is the state of our visible, external relationship with others.   

When both are integrated into one consciousness, we are unstoppable.  We found our path of least resistance. Knowing this, we explored what was causing us to operate out of a Paranoid mind.  

This brought us to our third awakening.

The answer is Ego

Ego, as defined by famous psychologist Carl Jung, helped to sharpen our understanding of the role Ego plays in keeping our consciousness split.

Carl Jung explains the Ego like this.  He says: 

The world will ask you who you are.  If you say you don’t know, the world will tell you who you are. Who the world tells you that you are becomes your Ego.”  

When translated this means Ego is who, or what, we’re attempting to be for other people.  As we investigated Ego more thoroughly, we found five primary habits that constantly influence our choices and decisions.  Those five habits are:

  1. 1
    The urge to Compare ourselves to others
  2. 2
    The need to Please or satisfy others
  3. 3
    The drive to Impress others
  4. 4
    The compulsion to Prove yourself to others
  5. 5
    The hunger to Compete with others

These habits make up what we refer to as the Ego-stream. An unconscious, reactionary flow in society.

This flow creates the default life circumstances of everyone that gets caught up in it.   Default, in this case, means out of reaction to other people’s choices.  In other words, we make decisions and choices out of reaction to other peoples choices and decisions without us even realizing that we are doing so.  

In a manner of speaking, we’re reacting to a reaction to someone else’s reaction to a reaction.  

Sounds crazy doesn’t it, yet it’s true.  

Someone else’s choices were setting the agenda for our lives.  

As we continued to study Ego, we found that the average person was unable to distinguish their Ego from their authentic self.  Their Ego footprint was far too large.  

This brought us to our fourth realization.  We needed to create something to help people reduce the size of their Ego footprint.

Ego Reduction Formula

The process we developed became known as the Ego Reduction Formula… the solution to the problem.  Our life wasn’t working for us, because it was working off our Ego.   

It was then, we experienced our fifth realization. The world is running on Ego-Focused Technology… artificial intelligence.  We knew then we needed to either create or uncover a way to reduce the size of our Ego Footprint.  

We uncovered this technology in Soul.  Think of Soul as the unique, one-of-a-kind, tailor made blueprint for our lives.  Soul Technology was what we realized we needed to focus on to reduce the size of our Ego.  

We decided to call it, Soul Focused Technology.  By focusing on our own blueprint, we would develop the discipline to sustain and support our well-mind.  Not too long after, we found the Ego Reduction Formula inside of Soul. The formula is simple: 3+5+1= ER.

3 + 5 + 1 = ER

Three new rules to live by + five new goals to aspire to + one solid practice to support us fulfilling our new goals = Ego Reduction.

By embracing Soul Focused Technology in every area of our lives, we began to grow and experience a new and abundant state of happiness, purpose and creativity. We became physically healthier, began healing relationships with ourselves and others, found new love, out-grew addictions and became better and more present parents to our children.

In essence, we began to live fully in our power.

This immeasurable joy to live led us to create the Soul Focused Group with the vision of bringing the light of Soul Focused Technology to the world. It is our sincere belief that Soul Focused Technology can support YOU in growing into your most powerful self.