When People Are In Their Power, 

They Achieve Greatness

The Soul Focused Group is a social consciousness and leadership development consulting company rooted in the belief that people are capable of greatness when they are aligned with their true selves.
our mission

Our mission is to end racism by creating human solidarity.

We use this term to describe the recognition of our shared condition: we are all human, and we are all in this together.
Our Vision

We don't just create ideas. We solve problems.

Our specialists bring over fifty combined years of experience in education, community organizing, and leadership to the task of helping people from all walks of life find their power. Our approach focuses on something you may not hear about often in traditional DEI spaces: the Soul.

Why the Soul? In our years of research and practice, we have come to find power, resonance, and truth in this word. We use it to describe the essential self we all contain — our authentic identity, our internal compass.

Through our offerings, we seek to help you connect your social and political awareness with your Soul. We are here to help you break free of harmful social conditioning, unlock your true voice, and re-encounter the world from a place of deeper understanding. 
our story

What we believe in.

After over a quarter of a century of being fully engaged in the social justice movement, we found ourselves feeling defeated. Despite years of marching, protesting, fighting the systems and often each other for the cause, we kept seeing the same headlines, and hitting the same roadblocks, again and again. We were trying to dismantle power, but we weren’t coming from a place of power in ourselves.

Our social and political disempowerment became personal, as well. From depression to addictions to financial problems to toxic relationships, we all found ourselves drifting further from our potential. We realized that we had to search out the cause. We found there to be a conflict in our consciousness. Psychologists refer to this as cognitive dissonance. In other words, our self awareness was not merging with our social awareness.

We decided to change that.

Over time, we began to see our social consciousness and self awareness as one. As a result, we became physically healthier, began healing relationships with ourselves and others, found new love, outgrew addictions and became better and more present parents to our children. We also began to breach divides with people we never thought we would understand, and found common ground in a vision of human solidarity.

In essence, we began to live fully in our power.


Being able to see ourselves and the people we love in strangers creates space for vulnerability and openness. We can move beyond limiting beliefs and inaction through extending the love we feel for those close to us to people we don't know yet. 


Our work aims to illuminate the inherent resources in every person, laying the groundwork for growing and creating. Our approach unleashes newfound potential and motivation to respond to lifes challenges with power.


In order to begin to create meaningful change, we must come from a place of honesty and vulnerability. Acknowledging where we are as individuals and confronting the impact of our current conditioning takes courage and self-reflection. 


We value a sense of oneness which acknowledges connection to self as well as connection to others. Finding this fundamental common ground is the beginning of human solidarity. 

Meet The Team

Berwick Mahdi Davenport
CEO, Co-Founder
Dustin Washington
Vice President, Senior Consultant
Dr Stephanie Jupiter
Senior Consultant
Martina Tam
Martin Friedman
Strategic Projects Coordinator, Senior Consultant
Jill L. English
Bonnie Cushing
Senior Consultant
Albert Gay
Annie Hostetter
Nicole Auffant
Dr. Arlene Coleman
Kelly Edwards
Ruth Purcell-Jones
Maya Savage
Tirza Barnes-Griffith

Frequently Asked


What does it mean to be an anti-racist?

It means working to reverse what racism was designed to do: create cross-racial division and separation.

Why does the SFG focus on creating human solidarity?

We focus on creating human solidarity because it's the only real way to bring racism to an end.

What is the greatest obstacle to creating human solidarity?

After 30 years of experience, we have come to understand that our greatest obstacle is negative subconscious programming, or what we call "toxic groundwater." Our toxic groundwater causes us to fight against ourselves and others, which works against the formation of solidarity.

Why is healing from racism so important?

Racism has inflicted different forms of trauma on everyone in our society. There are a lot of hurt people in our society, and it's hurt people that hurt people. Healing from racism helps people recover their sense of wholeness and their natural ability to work effectively with others.

Why should my organization work with the SFG?

We create a dynamic, loving, and transformational learning environment that affirms people's humanity, creates solidarity, and is solution-focused. We facilitate DEI conversations without causing people to feel wrong or shamed. Our process creates the psychological safety that allows for true vulnerability. We help you and your organization to grow.

What is the overall outcome we will experience after working with the SFG?

You and your organization will experience a new and refreshing perspective towards DEI work that supports you feeling more authentically connected with yourself and those you work with, as well an enhanced ability to create solutions to racism and other forms of systemic inequities.

What is the difference between virtual and live workshops?

During the pandemic, we decided to modify our live workshops into a virtual format over Zoom to continue providing our offerings in a socially distanced world. We continue to offer dynamic and impactful virtual experiences to organizations who still desire to social distance or have time constraints. While nothing can replace the unique experience of a live engagement, our virtual workshops provide the same powerful content that inspires deep transformation and growth.

What is our recommended package?

We recommend that you schedule a consultation with our team, so we can tailor a package designed to meet your specific needs.

What is our workshop experience like?

Our workshops are highly interactive with a blend of full group and small group discussions, all designed to create a sense of shared learning and community. We use audio-visual, PowerPoint, and Socratic facilitation methodology designed to make the process of learning as engaging as possible. Our learning experiences bring forth emotions, deep reflections, laughter, and a sense of possibility.

Join Us In The New Conversation

We are incredibly excited to share Soul Focused Technology with you and your organization! If you are interested in learning more about any of our exciting offerings, please book a consultation with us using the link below.