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Racism ends when human solidarity begins

Discover how you can cultivate solidarity with yourself and your human family.

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Sending The Right Signal

Phase 1

Sending the Right Signal encourages teams and organizations to discuss race in a way that affirms our humanity, broadens our spiritual and social consciousness, and inspires us to make the world more equitable for all.

In this 3-hour workshop, your organization will build an understanding of unconscious racial bias, the historical construction of racism, and how it affects us today.

Sending The Right Signal

Phase 2

Racism is mentally and emotionally disempowering. We have all received toxic messages about our racial identity which hinders our ability to be our most powerful selves.

This digital workshop is designed to create a nurturing environment that supports healing and restoration of our most authentic selves

The Ego Reduction Formula

The Ego Reduction Formula helps organizations develop an understanding of ego, how it affects our internal messaging, communication, and our relationship with those around us.

This interactive workshops helps us to understand how ego disempowers us all and supports us growing into self-solidarity and power.

Powering Up Your Communication

Powering Up Your Communication explores how dishonest, egoic communication has limited our ability to confront racism in a meaningful way.

This digital workshop is an open discussion to unpack how inauthentic communication limits our ability to create the changes we wish to see in the world.

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Enterrupting Racism Now

ERN is a two-day in depth workshop designed to help you understand why racism was created, how to take a new level of responsibility for the current racialized outcomes we are producing and how to build Human Solidarity.

The Gatekeepers Academy

The Academy is all about you becoming a powerful and unstoppable leader, shedding your ego habits and learning how to use all of your genius and creativity to create solutions to disempowerment in your life and our world.

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