We see an end to racism

You might not be able to see it, but we do, and we want to help you see the end of it too.

We know why you're here

You’re seeking to understand what racism is, why it is exists, how it works, and most importantly, how can we eliminate it, altogether

While it may be difficult for you to imagine, we are here to tell you, there is a real solution.

We know how to eliminate racism.

Racism was invented for the sole purpose of undermining and interrupting human solidarity - divide and conquer.

Its job is to keep people from different cultural backgrounds from seeing their commonalities and thus, working together for the greater good of us all.

Thus far, nothing we’ve tried has worked because we’ve either been reporting on, or reacting to the problem rather than focusing on creating the solution.

Our message is simple.

We start the conversation with racism, but we end with planting the seeds of Human Solidarity.

The only way we’re going to return to power and bring racism to its knees is through solidarity.

Our mission is not just to educate you about the what, when, how and why of racism.

Our mission is to help you understand how to consciously build, cultivate and sustain the essence of solidarity, first within yourself and then with others.

Until you can stand in solidarity with yourself you cannot stand in true solidarity with others.

We invite you and your organization to help spread our message of Human Solidarity, join our mission, and begin the process of equipping yourself with social and spiritual technology that transforms how you live, love and work in the world.

Discover our Soul Focused Technology by registering yourself and/or your organization to participate in at least one of our offerings.

virtual workshops

  • Sending the Right Signal

A three hour workshop designed to help you and your organization understand implicit racial bias and how the history of racism in this country produces the racialized outcomes we experience today.

  • Experience the ego reduction formula

A three hour interactive workshop designed to support participants in understanding what the ego is, how it serves to disempower all of us, and keeps racism thriving in our world.

You and your team will also learn the steps to begin to reduce the toxic impact your ego is having on your life, your work and our world.

  • Healing your communication

We change the world through our communication. In this workshop, you will learn the tools to outgrow racism through effective and honest communication.

  • Natural Expression Technology (NET)

Uncover the ancient science of how to maximize the full potential of the spiritual technology in your natural expression.

live workshops

  • Enterrupting Racism Now

ERN is a two-day in depth workshop designed to help you understand why racism was created, how to take a new level of responsibility for the current racialized outcomes we are producing and how to build Human Solidarity.

  • The gatekeepers academy

The Academy is all about you becoming a powerful and unstoppable leader, shedding your ego habits and learning how to use all of your genius and creativity to create solutions to disempowerment in your life and our world.

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  • Business Consultation

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