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Workshops, Personal Coaching, Keynote Speeches, and Online Courses
for organizations and individuals


Learn how to move beyond your Ego and into your Authentic Power. We offer three workshops for businesses, organizations, or independent groups. Each workshop is built around one of our Signature Offerings.  


Leadership coaching

We provide personal, 1 on 1 coaching for individuals and organizations seeking to implement the concepts and principles from our Signature Offerings. Our coaching process is compassionate, honest and growth oriented. 


online courses

We offer dynamic online courses and webinars that focus on ego reduction and integrating spiritual and social consciousness.

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Keynote speeches

We offer dynamic and engaging keynote addresses on focused topics such as reducing the Ego footprint in the workplace, unleashing the power of your natural expression, and contributing to the social justice movement.


Ego Reduction Formula

Nothing has proven to be more effective in preventing the integration of consciousness more than Ego. Ego blocks you from your well-mind power.

That said, we are the only company who offers a clear solution to Ego interference. We call it, the Ego Reduction Formula®.

You will find aspects of our Ego Reduction Formula® interwoven into each of our Signature Offerings.


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I have not been in a space like this, ever, in that it is completely worth taking the time to invest in ourselves because rarely do we do that. And the fact the the folks that are leading it are folks that I admire, and I think other people who do this kind of work also admire, just makes the experience more powerful.

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